[Video] From Field to Yield: Accepting the Challenge of Changing to Strip-Till

Shattering yield barriers is part of David Hula’s DNA. The Charles City, Va., farmer is known for his record-breaking corn yields, but the results are not based on repetition. Rather, it’s Hula’s willingness to embrace change and accept the challenges of adopting a new farming philosophy.

Starting in 2018, the long-time no-tiller began transitioning corn acres on his operation to strip-till, seeking more consistency in early emergence, targeted fertilizer placement and yield growth.

Switching to strip-till offered him the opportunity to increase yield potential without jeopardizing return on investment (ROI) or soil health. Hula’s evolving strip-till system contributed to his capturing the 2019 National Corn Growers Assn.’s high corn yield title with a record of more than 616 bushels per acre.

Hula analyzes the operational challenges, economic gains and growth potential of transitioning to strip- tilled corn, sharing early lessons learned, goals achieved and future objectives.

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