An Innovative Strip-Till System can Overcome Climate, Soil Challenges
Starting Out In Strip-Till

An Innovative Strip-Till System can Overcome Climate, Soil Challenges

Lance Petersen and his father Chuck have only been strip-tilling on their 750 acre farm in Rush City, Minn., since 2011, but they’ve already seen the practice weather the best and worst conditions they can imagine.

Strip-Till News

  • Agritechnica 2015: TeeJet Introduces New Guidance and Steering Technology

    Tim Steunkel, global marketing communications manager at TeeJet, introduces the new UniPilot Pro and FieldPilot Pro guidance systems. He also discusses the adoption differences between the European and U.S. markets for guidance and steering technology.
  • Strip-Till, Cover Crops Enhancing Soil Quality in the Southeast

    U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) scientists in Tifton, Georgia, are providing guidance to growers by showing that strip tillage and cover crops are important practices for reducing erosion from sandy soils in the Southeastern United States and for enhancing soil quality.
  • Rainbow of GPS Systems Can Cause Costly Headaches

    Strip-tiller Jason Wykoff is no stranger to precision farming technology. Since the 1990s, he’s been using it to develop yield maps to better manage field fertility, improve row spacing accuracy and reduce operator fatigue on 4,500 acres of seed corn, field corn and soybeans in northern Indiana.

  • Soil Sample Now to Set the Stage for Maximum Yields

    Regular soil sampling is essential for balancing soil nutrient levels and can serve as a barometer of soil health and productivity, says Penn State Extension.
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Strip-Till Columns

  • Jack Zemlicka

    Are The Benefits of Strip-Till Lost in Translation?

    A scarcity of subsidies for conservation tillage methods, and the fact that most corn grown in Europe is for silage, are limiting factors to widespread adoption of strip-till. However, there could be potential for increased adoption in the near future — albeit not necessarily for the same reasons North American farmers utilize strip-till.
  • Jack Zemlicka

    Taking the ‘Training Wheels’ Off a Strip-Till System

    As successful strip-tillers know, the benefits of the practice come from being able to evolve and adapt the system to suit their operation. In other words, it takes patience to see the payoff.
  • Cost vs. Reward of Tech Tools for Small-Scale Strip-Tillers

    It’s no secret that farmers are continuing to be more conservative with their new equipment purchases until the tide turns on the commodities market. This approach also extends to precision technology, although strip-tillers may be more willing to flex the budget depending on the return-on-investment potential.
  • Jack Zemlicka

    Getting to the Root of Fertility Potential

    At the 2015 National Strip-Tillage Conference Mike Petersen, the lead agronomist at Moline, Ill.-based ANP, Inc. offered five tips to help strip-tillers maximize the potential of their fertilizer application.


Recent Webinar: Managing Your Cash Crop to Make Room To Cover Crop Effectively

You can’t stumble your way into success. Walton, Ind., no-tiller and veteran cover crop user Cameron Mills takes you through the primary things you need to consider to have a good experience making cover crops a beneficial part of your no-till system.

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Profitable Practices for Boosting Strip-Till Yields

Profitable Practices for Boosting Strip-Till Yields

Discover how to tweak planters for strip-till systems, how to manage nitrogen after a wet spring, how to apply farm data to improve strip-till decision making, the benefits and pitfalls of adding cover crops in strip-till and so much more!
Blazing a Path to Profitability with Controlled Traffic Farming

Blazing a Path to Profitability with Controlled Traffic Farming

Have you ever thought about the benefits you could accrue from adding controlled traffic farming (CTF) to your no-till operation? This 24-page report gives you overview of what you need to know about controlled traffic, how CTF can reduce compaction and increase yields and much, much more.
Everything You Need to Know About Micronutrients

Everything You Need to Know About Micronutrients

This 24-page report uncovers the secrets to profitable, high yielding crop production with micronutrients including application and timings, pros and cons of soil and tissue testing and so much more.
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