Video: Providing a ‘Sugar Rush’ to Your Plants in Strip-Till
Nutrient Management

Video: Providing a ‘Sugar Rush’ to Your Plants in Strip-Till

Persia, Iowa, strip-tiller Bill Darrington discusses his strategy for incorporating about 1 pound per acre of sugar with fertilizer applications in his strip-till system, to provide plants with an extra and timely energy boost.

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Strip-Till Columns

  • Jack Zemlicka

    Taking Stock of Nutrient Inventory to ‘Smart Apply’

    Throughout the growing season, strip-tillers have kept a close eye on their corn crop to assess if and when any late-season nitrogen (N) applications are warranted. Whatever the situation, strip-tillers don’t want to see N go to waste.
  • Jack Zemlicka

    Digging Deeper for Strip-Till Knowledge

    During our 2nd Annual National Strip-Tillage Conference in Iowa, I was able to touch base with speakers and attendees alike over the future challenges within the strip-till industry and how we as a community can strive towards success.
  • Jack Zemlicka

    Build a Strip-Till System to Fit Your Budget

    These days, farmers are certainly being more judicious with where they spend their money. While there are certainly unavoidable expenses, farmers can also use a little creativity to produce an economical result.
  • Jack Zemlicka

    Sizing Up GPS Value in Small Strip-Tilled Fields

    Maneuvering through fields riddled with angles can be difficult with any size strip-till rig. But just how essential is RTK-level guidance for smaller spaces?


Recent Webinar: Managing Your Cash Crop to Make Room To Cover Crop Effectively

You can’t stumble your way into success. Walton, Ind., no-tiller and veteran cover crop user Cameron Mills takes you through the primary things you need to consider to have a good experience making cover crops a beneficial part of your no-till system.

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Profitable Practices for Boosting Strip-Till Yields

Profitable Practices for Boosting Strip-Till Yields

Discover how to tweak planters for strip-till systems, how to manage nitrogen after a wet spring, how to apply farm data to improve strip-till decision making, the benefits and pitfalls of adding cover crops in strip-till and so much more!
Blazing a Path to Profitability with Controlled Traffic Farming

Blazing a Path to Profitability with Controlled Traffic Farming

Have you ever thought about the benefits you could accrue from adding controlled traffic farming (CTF) to your no-till operation? This 24-page report gives you overview of what you need to know about controlled traffic, how CTF can reduce compaction and increase yields and much, much more.
Everything You Need to Know About Micronutrients

Everything You Need to Know About Micronutrients

This 24-page report uncovers the secrets to profitable, high yielding crop production with micronutrients including application and timings, pros and cons of soil and tissue testing and so much more.
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