4 Strategies for Effective Strip-Tilling

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4 Strategies for Effective Strip-Tilling

4 Strategies for Effective Strip-Tilling

Enhance your strip-till system with practical strategies from leading strip-till experts!

Starting out in strip-till requires planning, patience and a bit of a sense of adventure. Farmers who have made the transition understand the commitment of time and effort that go into developing a productive, profitable system. But any strip-tiller will attest that growing pains and failure will be part of the evolutionary process.

What are the keys to incorporating cover crops into a strip-till system? How can you meet equipment needs in an affordable, efficient way? What are some creative ways to manage persistent weeds, without setting soil biology back? What are some realistic ROI expectations during the first few years of starting out in strip-till?

In this eGuide, 4 strip-till innovators who have invested numerous resources and energy, share their answers to these questions. They’re eager to share their experiences to help you avoid the hard lessons they’ve learned studying and developing strip-till systems. You’ll get clear, actionable strategies you can implement right now in your strip-till operation.

These top-notch, highly respected strip-till experts will share…

  • Tips for getting creative with cover cropping
  • How to test plot a course for nutrient efficiency
  • Innovative approaches to weed management
  • Approaches for tracking transitional costs and early ROI

Discover proven techniques by downloading this free strip-tiller’s guide today. The moment you do, you’ll be well on your way to a flourishing, profitable and successful strip-till operation.

As a special bonus, you’ll receive a special $25.00 discount offer on registration to the 2019 National Strip-Tillage Conference!


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