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7 Tips for Continuous Success with Strip-Tilled Corn-on-Corn

7 Tips for Continuous Success with Strip-Tilled Corn-on-Corn

Strip-tilling continuous corn may sound daunting to many farmers, but Stillman Valley, Ill., strip-tiller Cade Bushnell believes it’s worth the investment of time, energy and strategic planning needed to make it economically worthwhile.

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  • Strip-Till Highlights: November 28, 2023

    Strip-Till Farmer editors encounter a variety of articles, social media posts, podcasts and videos that offer a unique look at the grower's realm from the lofty digital realm. Here is our favorite content from the past week from across the web. The Best of the Web series is brought to you by Mixmate by Praxidyn.
  • Strip-Till Hall of Fame Honors Trailblazers, Innovators & Legends

    As the strip-till acreage continues to grow, we felt it was time to honor some of the innovators who played a key role in promoting the benefits of this reduced tillage system

  • [Podcast] Strip-Tiller Alex Harrell Shares Keys to 206-Bushel Soybean Yield

    On this episode of the Strip-Till Farmer podcast, brought to you by Montag Mfg., Smithville, Ga., strip-tiller Alex Harrell shares perspective on his world record-breaking soybean yield in 2023. The 33-year-old set a new soybean yield record with 206.7997 bushels per acre, topping his mentor, Randy Dowdy’s 2019 yield of 190.23 bushels per acre. 
  • Waterhemp's Resistance to Herbicide Linked to Single Gene

    Waterhemp, the aggressive weed threatening corn belt crop production, is throwing curveballs once again, according to researchers at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. The weed has famously developed resistance to not 1 or 2, but 7 herbicide sites-of-action classes, nearly exhausting the chemical tools farmers can use to defend their livelihood.
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Strip-Till Farming 101

Feeling overwhelmed?

Start with these information-packed articles hand-picked by our editors:

Banding vs. Broadcast: Nutrient Placement Benefits, Techniques & Management
Veteran strip-tillers share proven payback and lessons learned with targeted, timed nutrient applications.

15 Time, Money & Stress-Saving Strip-Till Planting Tips
Creating the ideal seedbed requires diligent residue management, the right precision tools and a willingness to get your hands dirty.

21 Strip-Till Fertility Tips for Feeding Plants the Right Diet
Split nitrogen applications, determining the proper placement depth and doing below-ground root assessments are all part of a well-rounded fertility program.


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The National No-Tillage Conference returns January 9-12, 2024! Build and refine your no-till system with dozens of new ideas and connections at the 32nd Annual National No-Tillage Conference in Indianapolis, Ind. Jan. 9-12, 2024. Experience an energizing 4-day agenda featuring inspiring general session speakers, expert-led No-Till Classrooms and collaborative No-Till Roundtables. Plus, Certified Crop Adviser credits will be offered.

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Strip-Till Columns

  • 587_NSTC_2023.jpg

    A Strip-Till Origin Story

    The strip-till timeline extends back to the mid-1970s in Alabama, where brothers Leo and Jerril Hardin developed the Ro-Till machine.
  • Noah-Newman-web.jpg

    Mentee Tops Mentor in Chase for Record-Breaking Yields

    Motivated by his mentor’s success, Harrell formulated what he calls the perfect plan for chasing high-yielding soybeans, with an assist from his crop consultant and fellow strip-tiller, Caleb Traugh of Blakely, Ga.
  • Five Questions to Ask Before Signing a Soil Carbon Contract

    There has been a lot of talk about soil carbon farming in the last few years. The USDA describes “soil carbon farming” as “the use of specific on-farm practices designed to take carbon out of the air and store it in soils and plant material.”

  • Lessiter_Frank.png

    Strip-Till Gaining Momentum in Minnesota

    Recent field days and ag shows have clearly shown a significant increase in strip-tillage interest among Minnesota growers, maintains Warren Formo. In fact the executive director of the Minnesota Agricultural Resource Center goes so far to predict strip-till could become the predominant tillage system in Minnesota by 2026.

Strip-Till Farmer Podcast

[Podcast] The Biggest Strip-Till Lessons Learned at the Precision Planting PTI Farm

On this edition of the Strip-Till Farmer podcast, brought to you by Sound Agriculture, Jason Webster, Precision Technology Institute (PTI) Farm manager, discusses the biggest strip-till lessons learned from years of research at the 400-plus acre research farm.


The Strip-Till Farmer podcast is brought to you by SOURCE®️ by Sound Agriculture.

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Equipment Maintenance with Precision Planting

Check out these equipment maintenance articles and tips from Precision Planting in our Seeding Maintenance and Planter Maintenance series below.

Planter Maintenance

Seeder Maintenance

Building Healthier Soil Profits

How To Determine The Right SoilWarrior® For Your Operation

Sean Arthur spent several years working in the seed and ag equipment industries before moving back to the farm and adopting strip-tillage to protect his soil and grow his ROI.

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This series is brought to you by Environmental Tillage Systems (ETS).

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Cover Crop Strategies Volume 1

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Cover Crop Strategies Volume 4

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Built to Last: No-Till's Trials & Triumphs... 60 Years Later

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Going After Bigger Profits with Organic No-Till

Going After Bigger Profits with Organic No-Till

This 32-page report shares data trends that lay out growth in the U.S. organic market, and practical insights and tips from three no-tillers and strip-tillers who made the transition from conventional farming to organic and how they tackled challenges like weed control without herbicides. This report also provides leads on where to find potential funding and technical assistance for converting farm acres to organic methods.
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