Strip-Till, Precision Tools Create A Better 'Balance Sheet'
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Strip-Till, Precision Tools Create A Better 'Balance Sheet'

Farmers have many reasons for moving from conventional tillage to strip-till, whether it's minimizing erosion, being more precise with inputs, building soil health or getting more bushels per acre.

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National Strip-Tillage Conference

August 3-4, 2016
Bloomington-Normal, IL

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Get dozens of ideas to boost your strip-till yields at the 3rd annual National Strip-Tillage Conference next August 3-4 in Bloomington-Normal, IL.

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Strip-Till Columns

  • Jack Zemlicka

    Developing a Farm System of Next Generation Strip-Tillers

    As a long-time and loyal baseball fan, I have always enjoyed this time of year to catch a glimpse of some prospective talent that major league ball clubs summon from the minor leagues starting Sept. 1.
  • Jack Zemlicka

    Why Do You Strip-Till?

    Returning from the 3rd Annual National Strip-Tillage Conference in Bloomington-Normal, Ill., last week, I’ve had some time to digest the group discussions and one-on-one conversations during the event.
  • Jack Zemlicka

    Plotting an Experimental Course for Strip-Till Adoption

    One of the often-mentioned benefits of strip-till is its adaptability to different regions, climates and soil types. That’s not to say success is universal, but advantages tied to soil strength and fertilizer retention can offer enough incentive to at least experiment with a system.
  • Jack Zemlicka

    Springing Forward to Avoid Falling Back

    Flexibility is a big benefit strip-tillers often point to when adopting the system, and timing berm-building to match field conditions is essential to creating an ideal seedbed.

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Maximizing Nitrogen & Other Nutrients in Cover Crop Systems

Sponsored by: La Crosse Seed & Soil Frist Premium Cover Crop Seed

While no-tillers have taken the lead in the surge of cover crop usage during the past decade, the question remains whether they are taking advantage of those cover crop species that can help them either produce or scavenge nutrients to gain some efficiencies and cost-savings with applied fertilizers. In this webinar event, Scott Wohltman, a Certified Crop Advisor and agronomist with La Crosse Seed, provided insights into cover-crop practices that can lead to better nutrient utilization. Learn more about what was presented, download slides and access the replay by clicking the link below.  [To view any of our webinar replays, you must be logged in with free user account.]

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The Secrets of Soil Biology: How to Make it the Engine for a More Profitable No-Till Operation

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Profitable Practices for Boosting Strip-Till Yields

Profitable Practices for Boosting Strip-Till Yields

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Blazing a Path to Profitability with Controlled Traffic Farming

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