Solving Stubborn Soils in an Arid Climate with Strip-Till
Soil Health, Water Management

Solving Stubborn Soils in an Arid Climate with Strip-Till

Since beginning as a 160-acre Grade A dairy in 1926, there’s been a lot of change and adaptation made at Moench Farms near Agua Dulce in the Texas Coastal Plain west of Corpus Christi.

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  • Crunching the Numbers on Nutrient Efficiency in Strip-Till

    From precise management of split-nitrogen applications to reducing his applied N to bushels- per-acre ratio to below one, Deweese, Neb., strip-tiller Brian Herbek will break down results and revisions to his nutrient management program at the 2019 National Strip-Tillage Conference.
  • Applying an Agronomic Eye to Strip-Till Equipment Evolutions

    From custom-building a twin-row planter, to integrating RTK on a budget, Whitelaw, Wis., strip-tiller Steve Tesarik will share the agronomic motivation and methods for his machinery modifications at the 2019 National Strip-Tillage Conference.
  • USDA Exploring MFP Payments for Cover Crop Forages on Prevent-Plant Acres

    In light of widespread prevented planting, USDA is mulling Market Facilitation Program (MFP) payments for struggling producers who plant an MFP-eligible cover crop that has the potential to be harvested and used as forage, says Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue.
  • Farmers Pick Up the Planting Pace; Much Yet to Be Done

    U.S. farmers planted 16% of their corn acres, while an additional 21% of soybeans were sown last week, an improvement over recent reports, according to the USDA’s latest Crop Progress report.
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Building Healthier Soil and Profits with Strip-Till

Fall Tillage Incomplete? Try Spring Zone Tillage!

If you were faced with challenging fall field conditions that prevented tillage and fertilizer placement, spring zone tillage may be your answer.

Strip-Till Farmer’s Building Healthier Soil and Profits with Strip-Till series is brought to you by Environmental Tillage Systems.

At Environmental Tillage Systems, we provide progressive farmers with an innovative production system that profitably rebuilds and revitalizes the land. See more at

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National Strip-Tillage Conference

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Aug. 1-2, 2019
Peoria, IL

Get hundreds of ideas to boost your strip-till yields at the 6th annual National Strip-Tillage Conference Aug. 1-2, 2019, in Peoria, IL. This is a can't-miss, one-of-a-kind meeting that offers nearly 40 cutting-edge, money-making sessions and unlimited networking with the best of the strip-till community over 2 days.

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Strip-Till Farmer Podcast

Getting Back to the Future with Soil Health & Cover Cropping Part 1

In the first of this two-part Strip-Till Farmer podcast series, bought to you by Topcon Agriculture, we're joined by retired ag engineer Jack Boyer who shares his experience over the last 10 years integrating cover cropping practices into his operation.

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Strip-Till Farmer's podcast series is brought to you by Topcon Agriculture.

Agronomy matters and Topcon Agriculture application solutions make it work. From planning to precision machine control, Norac’s boom height control, monitoring and mapping, to data management, you have the total set of solutions to maximize your agronomic plan. Find out how to make the most of your 4R Nutrient Stewardship with precision technology that is unmatched in ease of use. Visit them at

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Improving Soil Health in the Zone

Managing Micronutrients in Strip-Till Zone

Strip-till growers have been on the front edge of technology adoption and nutrient use efficiency for years. However when reviewing agronomy journals and past micronutrient research, you will see that very little has been done to understand and advance micronutrient management within strip-till programs.

Strip-Till Farmer's Improving Soil Health in the Zone series is brought to you by Midwestern BioAg.

Click here to learn more about TerraNu Technology’s ability to enhance nutrient uptake, improve soil health and increase yields on your farm.

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Soil Biology Boost Package

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Cover Cropping Triple-Play Package

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The Secrets of Soil Biology: How to Make it the Engine for a More Profitable No-Till Operation

The Secrets of Soil Biology: How to Make it the Engine for a More Profitable No-Till Operation

Don't miss out on the next no-till breakthrough to help you push yields and profits! This timely and actionable report will lead you through new developments in soil biology. You'll learn the key players that make up your soil 'livestock,' the link between crop rotation and improved soil function and new soil tests that can shine a light on what's happening below the soil surface.
Profitable Practices for Boosting Strip-Till Yields

Profitable Practices for Boosting Strip-Till Yields

Discover how to tweak planters for strip-till systems, how to manage nitrogen after a wet spring, how to apply farm data to improve strip-till decision making, the benefits and pitfalls of adding cover crops in strip-till and so much more!
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