Cutting Fertilizer Application Costs with a Precision Strip-Till System
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Cutting Fertilizer Application Costs with a Precision Strip-Till System

Ben McClure was a recent ag economics graduate from Kansas State University when he went to work for Kramer Seed Farms in southwestern Kansas near Hugoton in 2003. His arrival came just as the multigenerational family farm was about to embark on a series of changes that has radically altered its farming operation, and significantly boosted its financial well-being.

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  • Sloan Implement Helps Police Catch Fugitive

    When a fugitive was found hiding in a cornfield behind the Sloan Implement’s dealership in Assumption, Ill., the dealership team and a local farmer worked with law enforcement to catch the man.
  • [Video] 60-Inch Corn: Fact or Fiction?

    Researcher Bob Recker explains the benefits and challenges of planting, fertilizing and harvesting 60-inch corn, along with considerations for combatting weed pressure.
  • 6 Tips for Flying On Cover Crops Successfully

    One of the biggest concerns and complaints no-tillers have about aerially seeding cover crops is that it doesn’t result in a good stand.
  • [Video] Veris Technologies Showcases iScan Soil Sensor

    Veris Technologies exhibited their iScan sensor at the 2018 Farm Progress Show in Boone, Iowa. As explained by Tyler Lund, director of sales and marketing, the iScan utilizes fixed moisture probes for accurate irrigation scheduling and records data on soil texture and organic matter to assists planting decisions.
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Strip-Till Columns

  • Jack Zemlicka

    Mandatory Cover Cropping? — Maybe

    Recent years have seen growing interest among strip-tillers in experimenting with and incorporating different mixes and seeding methods of cover crops to achieve desired results.
  • Jack Zemlicka

    Are You Insuring Your Soil Health?

    Field days are often ideal environments for some provocative, even controversial discussions. Attending an educational event hosted at Beaver Dam, Wis., strip-tiller Charlie Hammer and Nancy Kavazanjian’s farm this summer, the focus of the day was on cover cropping and climate change.
  • Jack Zemlicka

    Be Confident, Collaborative with Your Strip-Till System

    Having recently returned from our fifth annual National Strip-Tillage Conference in Iowa City, Iowa, I’m taking a deeper dive into the pages of notes I took during speaker sessions, roundtable discussions and hallway conversations.
  • Jack Zemlicka

    How Fast Can We Expect Strip-Till to Grow?

    Forecasts are always fun — if not entirely accurate — and provide an opportunity to predict the future. In the case of strip-till, I’ve anecdotally heard for years that there are pockets of growth.

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Precision vs. Accuracy: Understanding the Difference for Effective Nutrient Application

In today’s Strip-Till Farmer podcast, brought to you by Topcon Agriculture, University of Kentucky associate professor and soil management specialist Josh McGrath discusses ongoing research into variable-rate technology, including creating the optimal conditions for creating fertility prescriptions for maximum plant response.

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The Secrets of Soil Biology: How to Make it the Engine for a More Profitable No-Till Operation

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Profitable Practices for Boosting Strip-Till Yields

Profitable Practices for Boosting Strip-Till Yields

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