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Built to Last: No-Till's Trials & Triumphs... 60 Years Later

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SUCCESS WITH NO-TILLAGE — a radical change in farming from conventional methods — came thanks to the vision, courage and dogged determination shared by many — and from every corner imaginable. Ingenuity and an “against the grain” perseverance are omnipresent in the “no-till story.” From the testing and perfecting of new chemical formulations… To the researchers and extension agents who ignored their bosses and tirelessly studied the practice … To the salesmen who quelled their doubts upon hearing one “no” after another … To those who created the forums, associations, workshops and field days.

But most important are the farmers themselves, who constructed their own farm-shop innovations, subjected themselves to ridicule and faithfully stuck with the unproven practice and “worked the problems to death.” The sharing of both successes and failures were priceless in transferring know-how to the next curious farmer. In this way, competition, ego and embarrassment were set aside for the greater good. 

This 44-page Special Commemorative Edition is meant to honor the shoulders of those on which no-tillers stand on today, and to also remind the next generation that true, revolutionary breakthroughs in farming are still possible. More than 110 million acres proves it.

Based on detailed research, historical discoveries and many conversations with farmers who proudly shared their personal no-till memories, this fascinating report dives into all aspects within the rich history of no-till farming:

  • A Detailed Timeline of 25 Milestone Years in No-Till’s Storied History 
  • The Idea Catches On
  • No-Till By the Numbers — History
  • Retired Plowshare Award Recipients
  • Grassroots Promotions of No-Till
  • No-Till Innovator Awards
  • How No-Till Changed My Life
  • No-Till’s Role in Global Agriculture
  • Memories from No-Till Suppliers
  • 30 Years of the National No-Tillage Conference
  • No-Till By the Numbers – Today
  • 60 No-Till Legends in 60 Years
  • A Half-Century of No-Till Farmer Milestones
  • No-Till in the News...
  • PLUS More than a Dozen “No-Till Extras

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