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Albert Lea Seed

Albert Lea Seed is a third generation family-owned and operated farm seed company supplying cover crop seed and mixes to farmers all over the U.S. and Upper-Midwest. For over 90 years we have been committed to providing quality seed, thoughtful agronomic advice and excellent customer service. We are certain we can match the right cover crop seed or mix to your individual farming situation or rotation. In addition to over 9 unique cover crop blends, we carry conventional and organic cover crop seed, including: cereal rye, oats, annual ryegrass, radish, forage rape, turnips, vetches, clovers, peas, among others.

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Bio Till Cover Crop Seed from Saddle Butte Ag Inc.

Bio Till is a brand of Saddle Butte Ag Inc., a family-owned seed company in the Willamette Valley of Oregon. Saddle Butte Ag Inc. has a long history as a leader in the cover crop market and remains committed to helping our customers achieve higher returns through more productive soils. We offer over 30 different cover crop species as well as standard and custom mixes. Our products are time-tested and produced under the strictest standards; varietal purity is our primary goal. We have the experience and knowledge to help you make the proper selections to match your cover crop goals. Please see our dealer map on our website for a dealer near you.

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Byron Seeds

Byron Seeds is a farmer-owned and farmer-operated premium forage seed distribution company based in Rockville, Ind. Byron Seeds' main focus is educating farmers with livestock or row crops on sustainable farming practices, while increasing soil health with cropping rotations and the use of cover crops. We have a vast experience with cover crops on our own farms. Byron Seeds has a dealer network throughout the Midwest with the experience, support and service to accommodate any size producer with cover crops.

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Soil First™ Premium Cover Crop Seed from La Crosse Seed

Soil First™ premium cover crop seed is not only a product line, it’s a total approach to managing soil health. We’ve carefully researched and selected a family of quality products that link sound agronomics to practical solutions. Combining advice on what to plant and how to manage it – from establishment to removal strategies – the Soil First family works hard to make sure cover crops work for your operation. The portfolio includes proprietary mixes with distinct attributes for both first-time and experienced adopters, plus a proprietary lineup of grasses, legumes and brassicas proven to deliver results.

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KB Seed Solutions Annual Ryegrass

If you are considering planting a cover crop, consider KB Seed Solutions annual ryegrass. KB Royal annual ryegrass or KB Supreme annual ryegrass will improve the health and nutrient value of your soil. Deep-rooting ryegrass scavenges and holds nitrogen for future crops, which means bigger profits. Even during dry seasons, KB annual ryegrass promotes larger yields due to the deep-rooting that creates channels for crop roots to easily follow. KB Seed Solutions does more than provide you with seed. Our leadership and knowledge will help you integrate cover crops into your operation.

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GS3 Quality Seed — First Choice for Cover Crops

GS3 Quality Seed and our premium dealers should be your first choice for cover-crop products that provide you with the value and performance you need. Our proven NitroRadish will benefit your soils with its ability to break up hardpans, increase organic matter, scavenge nutrients and improve yields. Our “TNT” Vetch variety has been selected for winter hardiness and its ability to produce large amounts of nitrogen. Availability is limited, so check our website for a dealer near you.

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FIXatioN Balansa Clover from Grassland Oregon

Doing More With Less. This concept isn’t news to you, you’re expected to produce more, work harder, know more, spend more, and conserve more — while your available resources are limited (time/money). Wouldn’t it be nice if just once, things worked in your favor? Find out how years of research and testing have resulted in a cover crop that does much more — nutrient management, weed suppression, aeration, water filtration, etc., while using less seed and a lower price per acre than other traditional products with limited benefits. A little bit can go a long way!

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N-Vest® NutriBuilder Mix and Scav-N-Ger® Radish

N-Vest® NutriBuilder Mix

  • Three way mixture of winterhardy annual ryegrass, improved crimson clover, and Scav-N-Ger® radish
  • More diverse mixture improves soil health
  • Nitrogen producer plus two scavengers
  • Great for improving earthworm populations
  • Crimson clover usually overwinters, radishes will winterkill, and the annual ryegrass will need to be terminated in the spring
  • Plant at least six weeks before killing frost

N-Vest® Scav-N-Ger® Radish

  • Fast growing
  • Scav-N-ges nutrients
  • Promotes water percolation
  • Reduces compaction
  • Supports/feeds earthworms

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