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The Andersons PureGrade

The Andersons PureGrade brand is a complete line of in-furrow and foliar liquid fertilizers providing both primary and micronutrients designed to correct nutrient deficiencies and revitalize stressed crops. As growers look to increase yields on every available acre, PureGrade Liquid Fertilizers are proven to be one of the most cost-effective ways to increase return on investment per acre. A properly crafted fertility program leads to the success of your crop today, tomorrow and in the future. Including PureGrade Liquid Fertilizers in your program will ensure your crop has the nutrients to reach its full potential.

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The Andersons MicroSolutions

The Andersons MicroSolutions brand is a versatile line of liquid micronutrients and micronutrient blends designed to efficiently correct nutrient deficiencies during various growth and reproductive stages. MicroSolutions offers growers the flexibility to apply fully or partially chelated micronutrients, as well as ammoniated and water-soluble micronutrients. MicroSolutions are compatible with different types of fertilizers, many herbicides and insecticides. These high-efficiency products are versatile, easy to handle and offer superior uptake.

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Sure Crop Z/Micro

Sure Crop Z/Micro is a concentration of fermented nutrients to help stimulate germination and improve nutrient uptake. Sure Crop Z/Micro helps crops obtain their genetic potential while activating beneficial soil microorganisims and providing better nitrogen utilization. Sure Crop Z/Micro is recommended as a supplementary source of plant nutrients to be added to a total crop fertility program. Sure Crop Z/Micro improves crop vigor and soil tilth, and decomposes crop residues from the previous year’s crop. Sure Crop Z/Micro can help increase yields, improve test weights and increase feed market value.

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Chandler Dry Seed Treat

Increase your corn yields by up to 7 bushels per acre with Chandler Dry Seed Treat. Chandler Dry Seed Treat is a talc-like powder that is applied directly on the seed at planting time. At only $1.00 per acre, Chandler Dry Seed Treat gets results and payback fast. See 1-2 days faster emergence with up to 40% higher plant sugar levels, plus a higher germination rate for reduced seed costs. Produce plants with deeper root systems for less lodging and increased nutrient and water uptake, and less susceptibility to drought, insects and diseases like Goss’s wilt.

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Crop Vitality by Tessenderlo Kerley

The portfolio of TKI Crop Vitality sulfur-based liquid fertilizers helps crops reach their maximum potential while using fertilizers, water and other resources more efficiently. Crop Vitality products do more than just deliver essential sulfur nutrients to crops; they also improve soil health, enhance micronutrient availability and inhibit nitrification when blended with UAN and other nitrogen fertilizers. When growers add Crop Vitality products to their nutrient program, they get more value from their fertilizer investment by improving nutrient efficiency, performance and overall crop quality.

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AgroLiquid's PRIMAGRO N™

PRIMAGRO N™ is a fast-acting 30% nitrogen fertilizer containing sulfur. PRIMAGRO N™ is stabilized through proprietary flavonol polymer technology that protects the nitrogen while reducing losses from nitrate leaching and ammoniacal or urea volatility. PRIMAGRO N™ contains a proprietary formulation of nitrogen-fixing bacteria and BioActivites™ that further enhance the sequestration of atmospheric nitrogen in the root zone.

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AgroLiquid's PRIMAGRO P™

Enriched with colonizing populations of phosphorus oxidizing microbes and a proprietary blend of organically derived BioActivites™, PRIMAGRO P™ delivers both ortho and carbon protected polymer phosphate, providing available phosphorus throughout the growing season. PRIMAGRO™ Technology allows poor soils to more effectively hold applied nutrients. In better soils, the technology stimulates fungal and bacterial decomposition that releases phosphorus held within organic matter.

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AgroLiquid's PRIMAGRO K™

PRIMAGRO K™ is an advanced, high-efficiency potassium solution containing sulfur with a near perfect pH for the effective delivery of organically derived biological components. The PRIMAGRO™ technology in K deploys targeted microbe populations that decompose organic matter in the root zone, releasing potassium while strengthening the potassium absorption mechanisms within the plant. PRIMAGRO K™ is chloride and hydroxide free.

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PRIMAGRO C-TECH™ contains organic matter, live strains of beneficial fungi, bacteria and soil-activated chelates that help hold nutrients better in poor soil types, potentially improve seed application safety, release nutrients within soil solution, promote biological activity and help increase overall plant health. PRIMAGRO C-TECH™ may be used as an additive to other fertilizer products, or as a standalone application. C-TECH is OMRI listed for organic use.

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Agricen's Extract Powered by Accomplish™

For the best soybeans this season, use Extract Powered by Accomplish™ to make every nutrient count. Extract PBA combines concentrated biochemistry and a nitrogen source to release the nutrients your soybeans need all while helping you access the full value of your fertilizer investment. Apply Extract PBA with your pre-emerge herbicide or broadcast liquid fertilizer this spring to give your soybean crop the best possible start and maximize your yield potential.

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Nu-Trax P+™

Nu-Trax P+™ with CropStart™ Technology puts you in charge of delivering the nutrition your crops need for a strong start. It features an ideal blend of phosphorus, zinc and other nutrients essential for early season growth. With patented EvenCoat™ Technology, Nu-Trax P+ is coated onto your spring-applied dry fertilizer blend by your retailer. And with blanket-like distribution across the field, Nu-Trax P+ is placed close to young plant roots where they can access the nutrients earlier, especially in cold and wet soils common to no-till fields.

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Black Earth’s New ACTIV80 HP

Black Earth’s new ACTIV80 HP is a urea compatible and blendable humic acid prill that will stimulate your soil microbiology, improve water retention and boost yields. The nutrient retention characteristics of humic acid will pay dividends in your agronomy program. The dust-free and easy-to-handle prill makes incorporating humates into your granular fertility program simple. With over 80% humic acid content, plus a broad spectrum of complex micronutrients, ACTIV80 HP is the most cost-effective way to add available carbon, trace nutrients and humic acid in your furrow. Contact your local distributor to learn about our spring rebate program.

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Solutions 4Earth Nutricor®

Solutions 4Earth is committed to developing the soil nutrition products needed to rise to the challenge of feeding the world’s growing population. Our Nutricor® is a concentrated, value-added 5-4-4 plus 3% sulfur liquid fertilizer that delivers key nutrients, select organic materials and multi-sourced carbon to your crops. Nutricor will help your farming operation see increased growth and profitability in the short term, and improved soil in the long term. When coupled with a sound fertility program, the use of Nutricor® at planting in-furrow can help plants root out better for better crop establishment and nutrient interception.

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NACHURS imPulse®

NACHURS imPulse® is a 100% orthophosphate product that contains Bio-K® technology, an innovative potassium technology. It can be used in-furrow and/or foliar on multiple crops making this product very flexible. The quality of raw materials used to formulate NACHURS imPulse® liquid fertilizer maximizes plant nutrient solubility, minimizes salt index and equipment corrosion, allows good cold weather storage and is plant safe at recommended rates. Unlike other forms of potassium, Bio-K® is a natural plant metabolite that provides the most efficient nutrient uptake. Using Bio-K® technology results in quicker germination, improved root development and an elevated abiotic stress tolerance; leading to better plant establishment, more vigorous growth and higher yields.

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Rhyzo-Link® 3-10-13

Rhyzo-Link® 3-10-13 is the only fertilizer on the market that contains four unique features: 100% orthophosphate, Bio-K® technology, Rhyzo-Link® technology and sulfur. It can be used in-furrow and/or foliar on multiple crops, making this product very flexible. Rhyzo-Link® 3-10-13 with PowerBlend Technology is manufactured with the highest quality raw materials, which once applied to the rhizosphere and/or phyllosphere and absorbed by the plant, helps to promote a healthy plant with a more pronounced root system, and ultimately helps to improve crop yield and productivity. One hundred percent of the phosphate is present in the orthophosphate form which is immediately available for plant absorption and incorporation into metabolic processes.

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Genesis Ag™ Invigor8™ Spray

Is your no-till environment creating uneven emergence in your corn?

"This product is a no-brainer and it will give you the return on your investment.” — David Hula, no-till farmer and grower of world record corn yield, 532 bushels per acre.

"The best product we've ever seen. Bang for the buck." — Kevin Kalb, 2016 National Corn Growers Assn. AA Non-Irrigated Champion, 339 bushels per acre.

"We get a consistent 7-14 bushels, and that's R.O.I." — Randy Dowdy, 2016 National Corn Growers Assn. Irrigated & No-Till/Strip-Till Champion, 521 bushels per acre.

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