Dear Strip-till farmer,

Most strip-tillers understand the importance of soil testing, as they typically serve as the baseline for fertilizer and lime purchases and application. Thanks to variable-rate technology, growers can even use soil test reports to draw up exactly where they’re going to apply a certain rate of fertilizer or lime.

But if someone were to hand you a soil test report, would you be able to read the information and understand what it means? Unlock the hidden secrets of accurately deciphering your soil reports.

Included in this FREE, 14-page special edition eGuide, readers will have the exciting opportunity to go step-by-step through fluently interpreting a soil test to make accurate decisions on your cropping operation.

Ward will take you through the interpretation of these common soil-testing elements:

  • Soil pH 1:1
  • Modified WDRF BpH
  • Soluble Salts 1:1 mmho/cm
  • Excess Lime Rating
  • Organic Matter LOI-%
  • FIA Nitrate ppm N and Depth Nitrate Lbs N/A
  • Method Phosphorus ppm P
  • Ammonium Acetate: K, Ca, Mg, Na
  • Ca-P Sulfate ppm S
  • DTPA: Zn, Fe, Mn, Cu
  • Hot Water Boron ppm B
  • CaNO3 Chloride ppm Cl
  • Sum of Cations me/100g (CEC)
  • Percent Base Saturation: H, K, Ca, Mg, Na

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Tips From a 'Regenerative Agriculturist'

It is the goal of most strip-tillers to get to a point in their farming career when they can honestly say that 100% of their plants’ nutrients come from nature itself. In this detailed strip-till eGuide, take home 3 strip-till tips designed to regenerate your soils:

  1. Making a Residue Mix
  2. Managing P and K
  3. Testing Your Soil Accurately

Keeping Your Soils Productive With a Bio Strip-Till System!

Accurate nutrient placement can be a major headache for many strip-tillers, as it is often hard to find the right equipment necessary to get the job done right.

This eGuide follows the journey a strip-till farming family took to find the right equipment and how they’ve been able to save money while making sure their crops get the nutrients they require.

Learn how to troubleshoot setups to find the piece of equipment that works just right for you!

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Progressing Through the Cover Crop World

A strip-till rig that does the job is one thing, but a cover crop system that supports it is something of much more value to a strip-till farm. Knowing exactly what cover crops to mix together and when to plant them can be one large guessing game, but Strip-Till Farmer has worked diligently to find strip-till experts who have found their way in the cover crop world.

Even if your cover crop systems seem to be working well for you, there is always much to be learned about this intricate method of mixing plants to protect and nourish your soil.

Download this eGuide TODAY to explore the avenues through which fellow strip-tillers have managed to boost yields and increase profits!

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Do you want to increase soil nutrient levels?

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Yours for better strip-tilling,

Michaela Paukner, Strip-Till Farmer



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