Dear Strip-till farmer,

There is always much to learn when it comes to finding practical ways to eliminate unnecessary expenses on your strip-till farm. Whether that be enrolling in a nutrient management program, implementing crop sensing technology or experimenting with precision farming technology, the sky is the limit. It’s all a matter of what works best for you and your system.

To help you increase your odds of success — and avoid common pitfalls and challenges on your road to a flourishing strip-till system —Strip-Till Farmer has assembled this strategy-packed guide to give you the exclusive opportunity to hear from 3 successful and well-established strip-till farmers.

In this eGuide, these strip-till pros open their play books and outline the successful steps they’ve taken to save thousands upon thousands of dollars on their strip-till operations through precision focused practices.

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“Measuring Precision Payback in Strip-Till” examines money-saving tips, tricks and techniques related to:

  • Nutrient Management Programs
  • Variable Rate Applications
  • Crop Sensing Technology
  • Equipment Setup Modifications
  • Intensive Fertilizer Management Practices
  • Precision Farming Technology

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You’ll hear from top strip-till farmers like Brian Watkins of Kenton, Ohio. Using a combination of crop sensing technology, equipment set-up modifications and intensive fertilizer practices, Watkins has been able to save a whopping $216,111 — a 145% net return!

Though precision farming technology is not a magical system that works overnight, if used properly, it can produce huge savings for you and your operation like it has for Watkins.

As Watkins says, “It’s a learning process and once you’ve evolved it, then you can make it PAY. That’s just a start."

If starting tomorrow you want to begin your path to higher yields, lower costs, increaed profits and fewer headaches, don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn the precision farming do’s and don’ts of the industry’s most successful strip-tillers. Download your FREE copy today and starting SAVING!

Yours for better strip-tilling,

Michaela Paukner, Strip-Till Farmer



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