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Experience the "best of the best" ideas from the 2021 National Strip-Tillage Conference through replays of the 2021 conference general session and panel session speaker presentations, made possible with the support of Laforge Systems.

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The 2021 National Strip-Tillage Conference Video Replay
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General Sessions



From Field to Yield: Accepting the Challenge of Changing to Strip-Till

David Hula, Charles City, Va.

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Getting to the Root of Soil Health: Why a Deeper Dig is Essential

Odette Ménard, Quebec, Canada

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Lessons Learned Farming a Strip-Till Laboratory

Megan Wallendal, Grand Marsh, Wis.

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Managing Strip-Till Fertility with a No-Plant Left Behind Mentality

Tony Vyn, Purdue University

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2019 Strip-Till Innovators Program with Support from Montag Mfg.

Ben Pederson, Lake Mills, Iowa 

Strip-Till Farmer’s 2021 Strip-Till Innovators

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Let Your Crops Do Your Deep Tillage

Joe Breker, Havana, N.D.

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Managing to Measure: Supporting Strip-Till Success with Analytical Evidence

Jerry Hatfield, Ames, Iowa

Wayne Fredericks, Osage, Iowa

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Classroom Sessions



Putting Nutrient Management in its Place with Strip-Till

Scott Hoober, North Bend, Neb.

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Banking on Growing Season Potential After Your Berms are Built

Gary Gangwer, Lafayette, Ind.

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Crunching the Numbers on Custom Strip-Till

Jesse Stoller, Kentland, Ind.

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Winning the Relay Cropping Race to Strengthen Strip-Till Biology

Clint Robinson, Bethany Ill.

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Getting Started in Strip-Till: Defining How, When and Why

Joey Hanson, Elk Point, S.D.

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Combining Cattle & Cover Crops to Build Biomass

Barry and Eli Little, Castlewood, N.D.

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Banding vs. Broadcast: Digging Into the Benefits, Barriers & Breakthroughs

Scott Foxhoven, Dept. of Crop Sciences, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

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Kansas Strip-Tiller on Laforge’s Implement Guidance System

Strip-tiller Brad Hobelmann discusses how the Laforge DynaTrac has helped him overcome sidehill draft and control the planter to within 1 in. of where strips and fertilizer is banded.

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