[Video] Straight Talk About Sustainable Farming

Most advocates for “sustainable” farming don’t like large, specialized, highly-capitalized farms. They want farms that are small, local, more labor-intensive, and fully diversified (with both crops and animals). They want farming systems that imitate nature (agroecology), rather than those that try to dominate nature, says Robert Paarlberg, author of “Resetting the Table: Straight Talk About the Food We Grow and Eat.”

But, he says, if the goal is to protect as much of nature as possible, today’s larger and more specialized farms can do a better job, because they can afford to use more productive, more precise, information-intensive modern methods. In this talk, Paarlberg shares the data that supports this perspective and explains that when environmental advocates fail to understand this (as in the EU today), serious policy mistakes are made.

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