[Video] Strip-Till Lessons Learned at the Precision Planting PTI Farm


Get the inside scoop on the latest strip-till trials at Precision Planting’s Precision Technology Institute (PTI) Farm. In this deep-dive session, PTI Farm Manager Jason Webster shares the 2022 plot results and explains how you can personally apply what his agronomic team has learned from 400-plus acres of research trials.

Transforming the data into a concise story, Webster details how strip-till fits into the fertilizer reallocation concept, the advantages of strip-tilling soybeans, the differences between banded and broadcast dry fertilizer (in performance and net return), and how strip-till stacks up to no-till, conventional-till and vertical- till. Can strip-tillers reduce fertilizer rates by banding dry fertilizer instead of broadcasting? Webster answers this question and more.

You’ll Learn: Practical takeaways from 5-plus years’ worth of strip-till trials at the PTI Farm and how to implement the findings from this renowned research farm in your own operation.

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