2984 Strip Freshener CC from Yetter Farm Equipment


The 2984 Strip Freshener Cab Control (CC) can be used to create new strips in the fall or freshen existing strips in the spring. The three-blade design with rolling basket tills a 10" wide strip, mixing the upper soil profile 1½" to 4" deep. Growers can make adjustments with ease from the tractor cab.


The Fast DuraPlacer Toolbar is designed to pair with the Strip Freshener CC, allowing growers to place fertilizer while creating strips. The toolbar is available in 40' and 60' models and can be fitted for liquid or dry fertilizer application. The DuraPlacer was developed in partnership with Fast Ag Solutions.


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DuraPlacer Liquid Toolbar

Clarity from Precision Planting


Standard blockage systems tell if a product is flowing, but that’s about it. Clarity offers high-definition visibility into air seeders, box drills, dry fertilizer applicators and strip-till bars in real-time. The Clarity system displays and maps flow variability and product blockage metrics, row-by-row, on the 20|20 monitor in the cab.


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Dual Placement Fertilizer Bracket from Precision Fabrication


The Dual Placement System from Precision Fabrication LLC places the liquid nutrients 3 inches from the seed trench, on both sides, and the same depth as the seed. Placing nutrients in the root zone has proven to give the best crop yields for the fertilizer dollar. It is designed as a low pressure system to avoid getting splatter on the machine. Ten-inch openers run slightly “toed in,” thus creating 2 narrow trenches into which the fertilizer is streamed at very low pressure. Eleven models cover many popular planter row units.


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Dual Placement Fertilizer Bracket from Precision Fabrication

Next Generation Piston Pump (NGP) from John Blue


A great liquid fertilizer system starts with a Next Generation Piston Pump (NGP). Our hydraulic drive piston pumps offer a lower cost and more compact solution for variable rate piston pump drives, and allows for quick and stable adjustment to application rates. They are ideal for planter and sidedress applications.


Hydraulic motor/PWM manifold kits available. Our standard pumps are the benchmark for ag pumps. Field tested and farmer approved, John Blue pumps are guaranteed to do the job. When you want a reliable, dependable, and accurate system for fertilizer delivery, choose John Blue.


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Piston Pump John Blue

G-Series from Schaffert


Built tough, the G-Series (G2™-G3™-G4™) walking beam spaces out the closing wheels, allowing each wheel to travel independently over obstacles in the field.


The G2 and NEW G4 Fertilizer Kits inject liquid directly into the slice cut open by the straight-edge or serrated-edge fertilizer disc. The stainless fertilizer tube is easily adjustable, comes with high pressure orifices, and applies large volumes of liquid 2x2 or 2x2x2 more efficiently than other applications on top of the ground. 


Simply swap out the G4 Fertilizer Kit with the G4 Weight to run the G4 without fertilizer, retaining all the benefits the G-Series brings to the field.


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Ace Pro 5 Series Pumps from Ace Pump Corporation


Ace Pump Corporation proudly offers its Pro 5 Series pumps with advanced features to improve reliability and prevent costly downtime.


The Pro 5 FMCSC models feature E-coated cast iron construction for better corrosion resistance and severe-duty silicon carbide seals for longer life with abrasive materials.  Meanwhile, Pro 5 FMCWS models incorporate Ace Pump’s exclusive Oasis™ WetSeal Technology to isolate the seals from abrasive and corrosive materials and prevent run-dry failure of any length.


The WS-125 pumps are ideal for planter applications, while the 155 and 255 models are excellent choices for applicators in a wide range of tank sizes and row options.


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TurboDrop Variable Rate Fertilizer Nozzle from Greenleaf Technologies


The TurboDrop® Variable Rate fertilizer nozzle (TDVRF) is designed to apply liquid fertilizer at a three to four times flow rate range compared to conventional nozzles, to allow for varying fertilizer requirements of the target crop. The TDVRF may be operated from 10-140 psi, allowing up to a five times rate change at a given speed.


Additionally, it can maintain a constant GPA rate over a five times speed change. The TDVRF utilizes a six hole streaming tip in order to minimize potential leaf burn while maximizing fertilizer distribution, maintaining uniformity with varying spray heights. Check valve design keeps flow accuracy to ± 5% in all versions.


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Y-Not Rebounder® Kit from Schaffert Mfg.


The Rebounder’s Y-Not Split-It® kit applies liquid fertilizer directly on side walls of the furrow, rather than splashing up on your planter; protecting the seeds while providing ample nutrients for germination.


Installation is easy and efficient. Assemble the kit directly to the bottom end of the Rebounder and connect lines supplied by your fertilizer application system.


If you don’t have a pump system, give us a call. Our techs will set you up with one specifically designed for your planter, helping keep your farm’s operations convenient and profitable. 


For more information, call 800-382-2607 or visit www.schaffert.com/products/optional-fittings/y-not.html

Schaffert_Fertilizer Y-Not Rebounder

Vanguard 5600 Monitor from Ag Express® Electronics


Keep input costs in check and reduce fertilizer use with the Vanguard 5600 seed and flow monitor system powered by Ag Express Electronics. Our stand-alone display helps farmers monitor each row individually, and the user-friendly color touchscreen delivers overall seed and fertilizer application performance. With three levels of flow meters to choose from, 2-12 GPA, 8-80 GPA, and 70-120 GPA, we have you covered for any range of applications.


Stop by booths #6011 and #3025 at the National Farm Machinery Show from February 14 to 17 for a hands-on demo of the Vanguard monitor and other ag electronic products from Dickey-John, Intercomp, KZ Valve, NORAC, Outback Guidance, Topcon, and more.


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Vanguard 5600 Monitor from Ag Express® Electronics

MTC’s Fertilizer Side-Dresser



Mechanical Transplanter Company (MTC) has been an industry leader in manufacturing transplanters in the United States since 1953. They provide a wide variety of transplanters and more to meet every need. With forward-thinking and updated production methods, MTC is committed to manufacturing the world’s finest transplanting equipment. MTC’s Fertilizer Side-Dressers are perfect for vegetables, row crops, tobacco, nurseries, orchards, and vineyards! Key Features of MTC’s FSDs:

  • Gauge Wheel Drive System with 12 rate setting
  • 300 lb. Poly Hoppers with augers
  • Available in many row configurations
  • Heavy-duty 3-Point Hitch
  • Up to 29” of clearance from ground to toolbar
  • Assembled on an adjustable toolbar
  • Hoppers tilt forward for easy cleaning
  • Telescoping connector between hoppers makes for easy row adjustments
  • Fertilizer can be dispensed on one or both sides of the row
  • Single-row side dresser also available
  • Can be customized!

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