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Spitfire Herbicide from Nufarm

Total Weed Burndown — Kills Resistant Weeds, Roots And All. Spitfire® provides true belowground burndown of broadleaf weeds, including troublesome herbicide-resistant species. Treating fields with Spitfire makes planting easier and helps ensure optimum yield — plus, it helps manage risks that come with long-term herbicide resistance in weed populations.

  • Offers dual auxin mode of action for synergistic control
  • Optimized formulation allows application closer to soybean planting for maximum flexibility
  • Excellent cool-weather performance due to ester formulation.

In corn, cotton and soybeans, make Spitfire your choice for control of marestail, evening primrose, pigweed species and 60 more troublesome weeds. Get to the root of resistant weed problems.

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Cheetah Max Herbicide from Nufarm

Cheetah Max — The Fast That Lasts. For rapid relief from existing or emerging herbicide-resistance issues, choose the reliability of Cheetah™ Max. It uses two actives to protect soybeans and cotton, providing quick, complete weed control from Day 1. Extensive research proves it controls virtually every grass and broadleaf weed, even those resistant to glyphosate and multiple herbicide classes. The list covers over 100 troublesome weeds, including resistant pigweed, ragweed and more. And with added benefit of residual control on over 25 weeds, Cheetah Max eliminates the distraction of long-term weed competition, letting you focus on a more profitable crop. Plus, as post-emergent control for soybeans, Cheetah Max is an easy fit for your LibertyLink® weed management strategy.

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Panther Herbicide from Nufarm

Tame Troublesome Weeds. Panther® herbicide provides unparalleled control of tough broadleaf weeds with excellent options for crop rotation. Apply it in the fall as a burndown, in the spring for early pre-plant burndown or as residual control prior to planting.

  • Controls a broad spectrum of annual broadleaf weeds, including glyphosate and ALS-resistant broadleaf weeds
  • Offers long-lasting residual protection
  • Provides excellent crop rotation options.

In corn, cotton and soybeans, Panther delivers excellent residual control of tough weeds like marestail, Palmer amaranth, lambsquarter, waterhemp, morning glory and more. Great control. Killer residual.

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Get the Granular Advantage from AMVAC for Stand-Up Control of Corn Rootworms

Corn rootworm beetle counts were higher than anticipated in 2014 and that will create unpredictable high-pressure areas throughout the Corn Belt in 2015. With escalating resistance to belowground Bt traits, farmers need multiple modes of action to keep corn standing strong. Protect your investment and enhance yields with an at-plant application of a granular insecticide from AMVAC. Choose AZTEC® or SmartChoice® for dual modes of action, or if nematodes are a problem, get COUNTER®. Grow more corn with the Granular Advantage from AMVAC. Look for AMVAC at the 2015 Farm Progress Show for new product and equipment updates.

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