[Video] Strip-Till Conversation: Marion Calmer

[Video] Strip-Till Conversation: Marion Calmer

Marion Calmer, independent farm researcher and CEO of Calmer Corn Heads, explains why strip-till is the potential solution to the nutrient stratification problems on his long term no-tilled fields in Alpha, Ill.

Strip-Till News

  • No-Tiller Nets $135 More Per Acre Than Conventional Counterpart

    On this episode of Conservation Ag Update, a group of no-tillers gather in southwestern Wis., to carry on Dave Brandt’s vision of a farmer-led learning center at the Sinsinawa Mound Center. Plus, Stockton, Ill., no-tiller Greg Thoren shares how he’s netting $195 more per acre than his peers who practice conventional tillage.
  • [Video] Strip-Till Conversation: Jon Stevens

    Rock Creek, Minn., strip-tiller Jon Stevens breaks down his presentation about cattle and cover crop management at the 2023 National Strip-Tillage Conference. Stevens also discusses his strip-till goals for 2024 and beyond.
  • Weather Critical to Soybeans' Final Seed Weight

    The latest USDA-National Agricultural Statistics Service crop progress and condition report released Sept. 10, 2023, classified 52% of the soybean crop to be in fair (32%) or good (20%) condition. 

  • [Video] Strip-Till: Will it Work in Your Operation?

    Jeff Morgan, head of sales and development with H&R Agri-Power in Kentucky, recaps his presentation at the 2023 National Strip-Tillage Conference. Morgan discusses the benefits of strip-till, and what to consider if you’re thinking about adopting the practice.
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Strip-Till Farming 101

Feeling overwhelmed?

Start with these information-packed articles hand-picked by our editors:

Banding vs. Broadcast: Nutrient Placement Benefits, Techniques & Management
Veteran strip-tillers share proven payback and lessons learned with targeted, timed nutrient applications.

15 Time, Money & Stress-Saving Strip-Till Planting Tips
Creating the ideal seedbed requires diligent residue management, the right precision tools and a willingness to get your hands dirty.

21 Strip-Till Fertility Tips for Feeding Plants the Right Diet
Split nitrogen applications, determining the proper placement depth and doing below-ground root assessments are all part of a well-rounded fertility program.


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The National No-Tillage Conference returns January 9-12, 2024! Build and refine your no-till system with dozens of new ideas and connections at the 32nd Annual National No-Tillage Conference in Indianapolis, Ind. Jan. 9-12, 2024. Experience an energizing 4-day agenda featuring inspiring general session speakers, expert-led No-Till Classrooms and collaborative No-Till Roundtables. Plus, Certified Crop Adviser credits will be offered.

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Strip-Till Columns

  • Mike-Petersen-700.jpg

    Learning from the Past to Move Strip-Till Forward

    "As a soil scientist, I really started as a 5-year-old digging underneath the ash trees on our farm, looking to see what was going on underneath the soil. When I completed the work I did for Bayer Crop Sciences in 2022, I finished 1,820 soil pits in my life. I think I have a pretty good idea of what goes on underneath the ground," Mike Petersen says.
  • ‘Be the Plant’ for Better Strip-Till Yields

    Crop consultant Dorian Gatchell writes: "I grew up on a typical corn/soybean operation in Granite Falls, Minn. I think the biggest mistake made when adopting strip-till is not looking at the operation as a whole."
  • Sundae.jpeg

    R2R Meltdown … And A $900 Million Lawsuit against McDonald’s

    McDonald's out-of-order ice cream machines have become a standing joke. What is interesting about this is the extent to which companies like McDonald's will go to fight R2R issues. 

  • Strip Till.jpeg

    What’s Your Long-Term Equipment Strategy?

    Over the last 5 years, more of the progressive operations that I work with — the high-level, high-management operations — are starting to utilize strip-till as part of their system. Strip-till can play a really important role in the future of production agriculture.

Strip-Till Farmer Podcast

[Podcast] The Biggest Strip-Till Lessons Learned at the Precision Planting PTI Farm

On this edition of the Strip-Till Farmer podcast, brought to you by Sound Agriculture, Jason Webster, Precision Technology Institute (PTI) Farm manager, discusses the biggest strip-till lessons learned from years of research at the 400-plus acre research farm.


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Building Healthier Soil Profits

How To Determine The Right SoilWarrior® For Your Operation

Sean Arthur spent several years working in the seed and ag equipment industries before moving back to the farm and adopting strip-tillage to protect his soil and grow his ROI.

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Cover Crop Strategies Volume 1

Cover Crop Strategies Volume 1

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Cover Crop Strategies Volume 4

Cover Crop Strategies Volume 4

With this 16-page, newly-released edition of Cover Crop Strategies, you’ll discover how many graziers realize profitable returns from using cover as high- quality forage. Read how cover crop rotation paired with a grazing system completes a no-tiller’s holy grail of soil health. You’ll also hear from the late cover crop expert Dave Brandt as he discusses his best practices for getting the most out of cover crops.

Built to Last: No-Till's Trials & Triumphs... 60 Years Later

Built to Last: No-Till's Trials & Triumphs... 60 Years Later

This 44-page Special Commemorative Edition is meant to honor the shoulders of those on which no-tillers stand on today, and to also remind the next generation that true, revolutionary breakthroughs in farming are still possible. More than 110 million acres proves it. Based on detailed research, historical discoveries and many conversations with farmers who proudly shared their personal no-till memories, this fascinating report dives into all aspects within the rich history of no-till farming.

Going After Bigger Profits with Organic No-Till

Going After Bigger Profits with Organic No-Till

This 32-page report shares data trends that lay out growth in the U.S. organic market, and practical insights and tips from three no-tillers and strip-tillers who made the transition from conventional farming to organic and how they tackled challenges like weed control without herbicides. This report also provides leads on where to find potential funding and technical assistance for converting farm acres to organic methods.
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