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Hardi ALPHA evo 4100

Ergonomics, Visibility and Optimization — Longer spraying days and nights and higher spraying speeds place heavier demands on comfort and easy operation. Hardi introduces the self-propelled sprayer — ALPHA evo 4100 — available in 90-foot width for better performance, reliability and driving comfort. ALPHA evo features the Hardi Twin Boom — the ultimate in capacity, weather independence and application technology. With efficient drift control, it's easier for operators to spray entire fields. Under most conditions, farmers can apply twice as many hours for a safe, efficient spray job with the Twin Sprayer compared to conventional systems.

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Bestway Pro-Mount™ 360

The new Pro-Mount™ 360 features an exclusive hydraulic front-folding Pro-Flex 60-foot spray boom built from Bestway’s proprietary FiberWorks™ fiberglass composite material. FiberWorks™ is one-third the weight of steel, yet three times more impact resistant for an extremely durable boom system vs. conventional steel, x-fold design booms. A 300-gallon oval tank keeps weight close to the tractor for improved lift capacity. Integrated parking stands deploy easily, providing stable parking when dismounted from tractor. Productivity boosting standard features include “Live” hydraulic boom controls, accumulator boom suspension, Hypro hydraulic pump, chemical inductor, TeeJet 450 boom section-control valves and 42-inch vertical height range of center mast for spraying taller crops.

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Sprayflex Spray Systems

Sprayflex Spray Systems mounted on RBR Vector Chassis have a reputation for being a tough, durable option in the self-propelled sprayer market. The Vector rides on a rugged, proven mechanical 4-wheel-drive drivetrain with planetary axles. The Sprayflex System centers around an extremely tough aluminum-box boom design. This design shows impressive durability over years of use, long past the time when other booms have been retired. They can also be a combo Sprayer/Spreader for increased productivity throughout the season. Closed-center hydraulics, flow-compensated hydraulic block and generic liquid plumbing by Raven and Banjo allow for ease of parts availability and less downtime.

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Greenleaf Technologies TurboDropXL and TurboDrop DualFan

Greenleaf Technologies' popular TurboDrop XL and TurboDrop DualFan are now available in a "D" series that provides a coarser droplet spectrum where drift control is the primary consideration. The TDXL-D and TADF-D will deliver droplets generally in the Very Coarse (VC), Extremely Coarse (XC) and Ultra Coarse (UC) categories for maximum drift control with new dicamba formulations and other systemic herbicides. Both the single-fan XL and the DualFan are available in all poly or semi-ceramic versions.

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SprayTest is a wireless remote control for doing nozzle checks on sprayers. Select a section to test, hold down the corresponding button on the remote and the section will turn on. When the button is released, the section will turn off. The remotes and receivers are robust and moisture proof. The receiver mounts on the center section of the sprayer. All SprayTests come with a plug and play harness specific to sprayer model and connect into the existing wiring on the sprayer. There are three models — the ST8, ST12 and ST16 — that cover all sprayers up to 16 sections.

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Bee Valve’s Interchangeable Sprayer System

Bee Valve’s sprayer system consists of the Guide Lock System and nozzle tips. The guide locks are available in single and double self-aligning ribs, providing simple nozzle angle repeatability. Couplers are available in 3/4- and 1-inch sizes for typical spray-boom mounting, while male adapters are available in 1/4, 3/8, 1/2 and 3/4 inches to fit all spray nozzles. Nozzle tips are offered in single or double configuration and suited for strip or dribble nozzle applications. Both the guide locks and nozzle tips are manufactured in glass-reinforced nylon for chemical resistance and overall strength with long-lasting, cross-threading resistance.

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Precision Industries Field Sprayer

Precision offers 1000, 1200 and 1500 Gallon models with booms from 45' to 100'. Our in house designed boom has been field proven on both self propelled OEM sprayers and pull type sprayers for over 15 years. All models can be equipped with air ride suspension and hydraulic brakes for road travel behind today's high speed tractors. Our simple user friendly design makes for years of trouble free service. All sprayer components are from top brand US manufacturers and our in house design team enables us to custom build sprayers to your specifications.

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Duo Lift Sprayer Transport Trailers

Duo Lift’s transport trailers are designed to safely haul your self-propelled sprayer at highway speeds, reducing time spent between fields and extending the life of your sprayer. These tandem trailers are built with high-speed axles, hubs, wheels, tires and an underslung slipper spring suspension. DOT-approved lights, safety chain and conspicuity (reflective) tape are standard on all models. Duo Lift transport trailers are built to accommodate your specific row crop sprayer. Smaller models are available, and we can custom design them to meet your individual requirements!

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