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Micro-Trak SafeGuard™ Blockage Monitor

SafeGuard™ Blockage Monitor electronically detects blockages and alerts you with an Audible Alarm and a Visual Display of the blocked row's number. Now with ISOBUS compatibility, the SafeGuard™ ISOmod allows an existing Virtual Terminal to display blockage information that would otherwise be displayed on a SafeGuard™ console.

  • Bring state-of-the-art blockage monitoring to your Virtual Terminal system.
  • Reduce over and under-application, save money, and apply liquid product with confidence without having to watch flow monitors or outlets.


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Vanguard Visu-Flo

Replace floating balls and inaccurate monitors with Vanguard Visu-Flo. Our unique flowmeter design for each row gives precise information on a large 7-inch color touch screen as well as bar graphs that show relative flow from one row to another. The Vanguard 4000 Series may be used for seed and/or flow, and comes in models that reach up to 36 rows. The system can be programmed for two separate flow rates on the same planter giving the operator the ability to use half-rate nozzles or other flow variations in addition to seeding rate. Choose from a full population model VM-4600 that provides seeds per acre and GPA, or the more economical model VM-4200/VM-4400 that gives seeds per second and GPM readings. All models give unmatched performance and peace of mind knowing that seeding and application rates are uniform and accurate.

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Precision Drone

Our agriculture drones and Precision Vision™ technologies are built by farmers, for farmers. Our passion to build and implement this technology grew out of our own desire to make farming more productive and efficient. Today's crop scouting methods are outdated and quite simply, inefficient. Crop scouting hundreds or thousands of acres was impossible through the old methodologies of lacing up your boots and walking. We developed this technology so farmers across the globe could manage their fields efficiently in an effort to be more productive. Simply put, our agriculture drones allow you the ability to scout, diagnose and address distressed areas in less time than it would take you to walk the entire field.

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Yetter 2940 Air Adjust Series

Yetter’s innovative 2940 Air Adjust Series allows you to adjust up and down pressures with the touch of a button, creating the ideal ride for the residue mangers. The in-cab controller allows for quick adjustments from your cab with the touch of a button, controlling five programmable settings and other functions. Planting conditions change every hour, every day. Save time and make adjustments for field conditions from your tractor seat. The 2940 Series of products includes the 2940 Residue Manager, Coulter/Residue Manager Combo, Firming Wheel, Rolling Basket and Floating Residue Manager Basket Combo.

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AgXcel GX30i Variable Rate Technology (Patent Pending 62/252,274)

Do you have a high-speed planter or high-speed seed tube? Trying to apply liquid fertilizer in a VRA environment, but restricted due to orifice limitations? The AgXcel GX30i VRT is an intelligent decision making microprocessor that addresses this issue with the ability to broaden this range by implementing a 3 stage orifice system which allows for a broader range of application, while eliminating the need for check valves and section valves. With its patent pending VRT swath control feature, you can manage up to 32 sections for swath. Implement VRA with technology that works.

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DigiFarm Beacon v3.0

The industry’s first Apple MFi certified Bluetooth device and iOS NTRIP app to stream RTK data to any GPS receiver. The Beacon v3.0 delivers RTK corrections without the need for expensive radios or cellular modems and eliminates signal problems and line shifts. DigiFarm’s Beacon v3.0 has been granted MFi (made for iPad) status for use with newer generation iPads and iPhones. The Beacon v3.0 was designed to take advantage of a changing industry where tablets are becoming a core component in a lot of tractor cabs. Commonly these devices are paired up with a field computer for enhanced data collection and cloud based data transfer. The DigiFarm NTRIP app will run in the background while using the iPad for other applications. The Beacon v3.0 will require a RTK unlocked GPS receiver and adapter cable if needed. DigiFarm’s app is now available in the App Store.

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RTK Bridge-X “Communications for All Colors”

The RTK Bridge-X is the only modem you need to ensure your rainbow of precision guidance systems have access to the data essential to your operation. From RTK corrections to WiFi connectivity and Internet communications, the RTK Bridge-X is the field-proven communications hub compatible with all the colors on your farm. Avoid the hassle and expense of maintaining multiple network subscriptions. The RTK Bridge-X is compatible with all major cellular carriers and equipment manufacturers. Simply move your RTK Bridge-X between your various implements, saving you time and money. Bluetooth connectivity eliminates cumbersome cabling. Regardless of your color, the RTK Bridge-X makes communications easy.

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Reichhardt Electronic Innovations PSR Sonic Implement Guidance

Pilot System Reichhardt (PSR) has integrated its Sonic Sensor technology with the PSR ISO iBox navigation controller for implement guidance. The system accuracy is at the same level of the tractor guidance by following the wheel impressions. This eliminates the need for additional correction subscriptions and receivers. The system works in combination with steerable axels or controllable hitches. The solution benefits form an in cab joystick for added guidance control. The features include nudging on the fly, return to center and manual guidance of the implement in the headland.

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