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Yetter Closing Wheel Options

Option 1: 6200 Paddle Wheels break down the sidewalls of the seed trench and press the soil toward the seed. They remove sidewall compaction and completely close the seed trench while firming the soil around the seed to achieve an even seed-to-soil contact in varying soil conditions.

Option 2: 6200 Cast Spike Closing Wheels reduce sidewall compaction around the seed and ensure seed trench closure. As the spike wheels break apart the sidewalls of the seed trench, they leave loose soil around the seed to fully close the seed trench in challenging soil conditions.

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Yetter 2968 Row-Unit Mount In-Between Fertilizer Opener

The 2968 Unit-Mount In-Between Fertilizer Opener achieves consistent off-the-row starter or nitrogen fertilizer placement. This attachment fits on mounted and pull-type planters. It can be set to apply fertilizer up to 2 inches deep. The 2968 has a unique and compact design for mounting between the planter gauge wheel and planter closing wheels, allowing the use of the other attachments on the front of the row unit. The 2968 provides a lower cost fertilizer placement option for today’s agriculture operations.

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Yetter 2940 Air Adjust Series

Yetter’s innovative 2940 Air Adjust Series allows you to adjust up and down pressures with the touch of a button, creating the ideal ride for the residue mangers. The in-cab controller allows for quick adjustments from your cab with the touch of a button, controlling five programmable settings and other functions. Planting conditions change every hour, every day. Save time and make adjustments for field conditions from your tractor seat. The 2940 Series of products includes the 2940 Residue Manager, Coulter/Residue Manager Combo, Firming Wheel, Rolling Basket and Floating Residue Manager Basket Combo.

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MudSmith Gauge Wheels

The MudSmith Gauge Wheel utilizes a patent-protected, open-rim design that reduces mud and debris buildup with extreme durability. The modular construction allows every part to be field replaceable. Complete wheels come with durable OEM rubber tires. The MudSmith Cast Iron Bearing Hub reduces wheel wobble and cuts down on time spent changing bearings in one complete, durable housing. Available in 2½-, 3- and 4-inch sizes, the MudSmith is compatible with all brands and models of planters. Visit our website to purchase gauge wheels or hardware direct, see videos of the MudSmith in action or locate dealers.

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Schaffert Mfg. G2 2x2 Liquid Fertilizer Disc

The G2 2x2 fertilizer disc offers a revolutionary method of applying larger quantities of nitrogen fertilizer behind the planter, 2-3 inches to the side of the row and up to 2 inches deep. This 8-inch single disc opener adds only 11 pounds per row. Its patented walking beam design places balanced pressure on both press wheels in closing the seed V, and even depth of fertilizer in uneven terrains. The G2 mounts to the press wheel brackets of John Deere, Kinze, White, Great Plains, Monosem, and Yetter planters. It is easy to install, and works well with Mohawk and Zipper angled spike closing wheels. High pressure kits available.

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Schaffert Mfg. 2x2 Liquid Fertilizer Tube for Case IH

Our new 2x2 stainless steel fertilizer tube mounts directly on Case IH planter units. It injects fertilizer directly into the slice opened by the Case IH leading covering disc, placing fertilizer precisely where you need it: in a 2x2 pattern, giving crops early access to the nutrients needed for optimal growth. The tube runs close to the soil surface and the fertilizer is incorporated into the soil, helping eliminate splash on the planter, covering discs, and press wheels. This keeps fertilizer from building up on the standard or Chicken Track press wheels. The 2x2 tube comes with optional high pressure tips.

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Schlagel Posi-Close Planter Wheels

Common rubber wheels are normally associated with the seed trench crusting and baking, or simply opening back up when they are used in wet soil. This is by far the most common complaint from farmers using traditional wheels. Posi-Close Planter Wheels will leave soft mulch on top of the seedbed to prevent crusting and baking. Posi-Close Wheels will not leave any smearing or extreme compaction, which is always coupled with use of regular rubber wheels. No need to worry about the seed trench opening back up with our wheels because there will be no seed trench. With the patented "horizontal rod" design and with a wide ground path, Posi-Close Wheels will literally destroy the seed trench.

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Sunco Nutri Mate 3 Fertilizer Placement Unit

Agronomic Studies have shown that 2x2 starter fertilizer placement creates the largest yield increase of any starter treatment due to the fertilizer being placed directly in the root zone. The Nutri Mate 3 row mounted unit’s innovative design prevents plugging, eliminates parallel linkage stress, minimizes seed bed disturbance and offers multiple placement locations. The Nutri Mate 3 can be used in conjunction with Sunco Pin Adjust Saber Tooth Row Cleaners or with the New Floating Saber Tooth Row Cleaners that are compatible with the Precision Planting® CleanSweep® System.

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Sunco Saber Tooth Trash Discs

Sunco Marketing has the row cleaner to fit your operation and now offers Pin Adjust, Screw Adjust, Floating Row Cleaners as well as Nutri Mate 3 Floating Cleaners for use in conjunction with the Nutri Mate 3 2x2 Fertilizer application units. All Sunco Row Cleaners utilize the same field proven advantages of the original Saber Tooth design: Disc Concavity, exclusive tooth design, and disc separation which clear trash without plugging or becoming too aggressive. Floating Row cleaners are compatible with the Precision Planting® Cleansweep® system and upgrade kits are available to upgrade Pin Adjust Cleaners to Floating Cleaners.

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Laforge Guided Hitch

The Laforge Guided Hitch is an integrated implement steering solution for 2-point implements in conjunction with John Deere Active Implement Guidance. On John Deere 1770NT, 1775NT, 1790 and 1795NT planters, it replaces the factory hitch and integrates seamlessly to the planter. A hydraulic cylinder slides the planter hitch horizontally to offer up to 20 inches of hitch movement for sub-inch accuracy. It compensates for the planter’s side-hill drift, improves yield by reducing seedbed compaction and helps to optimize seed placement relative to nutrient application and making perfect end-rows and guess-rows. Compatible with Cat.3 and Cat.4N 3-pt hitch.

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Martin-Till Planting System

Consisting of a combination of planting attachments in a five-step process, the Martin-Till planting system is designed to increase the number of days available for planting, improve stands and increase the chances of faster, early growth in a wide range of soil conditions.

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Copperhead Ag Furrow Cruiser

The Furrow Cruiser is the most advanced spiked closing wheel on the market today. No other closing system can offer the same firming/crumbling action and be as consistent as these wheels in every planting condition. That is why several studies in 2015 showed these wheels to be better than any other closing wheel on the market in varying conditions. Run Furrow Cruisers, two per row, for maximum emergence and ultimate yield.

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SpikeWheel Liquid Fertilizer Injection

SpikeWheel technology is ideal for no-till systems because it allows farmers to place liquid fertilizer at the plant's root zone for optimal crop uptake with low disturbance. SpikeWheel’s single-pass subsurface liquid injection system places liquid products at an optimal 3½ inches into the soil to give the plant immediate access to nutrients, thus promoting growth. The complete SpikeWheel system is constructed of 304 stainless steel, hardened alloy injection points and nylon hub bushings. It provides superior down pressure in hard soils, sod and no-till systems. Apply up to 38 gallons per acre in 30-inch spacings at up to 6 mph.

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CleanSweep Row Cleaners from S.I. Distributing

Manage your row cleaner performance from the cab, on the go, with CleanSweep from S.I. Distributing. The dual air cylinder allows you to set and adjust row cleaner down pressure from the cab. Add more pressure to sweep away heavy residue or lighten the pressure to keep the row cleaner floating across the top of the soil in light residue or soft ground. The CleanSweep system includes air cylinders, air tank, compressor and controller. You set the pounds of pressure from the control box mounted in your cab.

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R K Products Closing Wheel Arm Pivot Kit

The proven RKP Gauge Wheel Arm Pivot Kit for planters was adapted to John Deere no-tlll drills in 1999. With this design, the closing wheel arm is clamped to the bearing housing with enough controlled pressure that lateral looseness is eliminated, yet the arm can pivot freely. Disc springs (Belleville washers) are utilized to permit this. The new design shown incorporates a thread deforming locknut to provide a stronger attachment and also simplifies spring pressure adjustment. Sleeve bearings and seals are also available.

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Vanguard Visu-Flo from The Daugherty Companies

The Daugherty Companies introduces the Vanguard Visu-Flo System. Replace floating balls and inaccurate monitors with the all-new Vanguard Visu-Flo. Our unique flowmeter design for each row gives precise information on a large 7-inch color touch screen, as well as bar graphs that show relative flow from one row to another. The Vanguard 4000 Series may be used for seed and/or flow, and come in models ranging up to 36 rows. The system can be programmed for two separate flow rates on the same machine, giving the operator the ability to use half-rate nozzles or other flow variations in addition to seeding rate. Choose from a full population model VM-4600 that provides seeds-per-acre and GPA or the more economical model VM-4200/VM-4400 that gives seeds-per-second and GPM readings.

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Ag Focus Planter Pro Ninja

A patented trailing arm with pneumatic adjustment and sharpened intersecting wheels makes the new Planter Pro Ninja the ultimate no-till row cleaner. New monitoring technologies prove the trailing-arm design improves row unit rides by 5-10% over all other row cleaners. Sharpened leading-edge wheels handle any amount of residue by cutting it at and below the surface. The bolt-on face plate allows the Ninja to fit any planter on the market, while clearing all hydraulic and pneumatic downforce brackets. The trailing arm works on all planter row widths.

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Flo-Rite® Seed Firmers from Beck’s Superior Hybrids

Flo-Rite® seed firmers offer a revolutionary design with better seed-to-soil contact, resulting in quicker emergence. The firmers feature a durable construction, a high-tech memory polymer, a replaceable wear plate that reduces maintenance costs, ease of installation, and an enclosed stainless steel liquid tube. Flo-Rite seed firmers gently push the seed securely into the bottom of the seed trench, which improves planting depth consistency, better seed germination, more consistent emergence, better stands, and increased yield. Studies show that even stands can increase yield by more than 5 percent. Now available: New brackets for John Deere MaxEmerge™ 5, ExactEmerge™, and Kinze 4900. MaxEmerge™ 5 and ExactEmerge™ are trademarks of Deere & Company. Flo-Rite® is exclusively distributed by Beck’s Superior Hybrids. Flo-Rite is a registered trademark of Flo-Rite, Inc.

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Dawn Equipment ZRX Electro-Hydraulic Roller/Crimper/Row Cleaner

  • Parallel linkage on every row allows the roller to conform to ground contour for more effective rolling and termination, as well as ability to flex over rocks.
  • Helical roller profile pulls long grasses and cover crops away from center of row improving row clearing performance.
  • Double disk row cleaner has depth gauged by roller allowing it to effectively clean without gouging or moving soil.
  • Hydraulic down pressure transfers weight from frame and allows unit to be retracted off of ground.
  • Use in a variety of cover crops, corn or wheat straw.

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Dawn Equipment Curvetine™ 1202 with Two Curvetines

The Curvetine™ M-Series Closing System has unique curved teeth to chip-in side wall compaction without ejecting soil from the seed zone. Unlike straight tooth wheels, the curved tooth eases out of the seed zone while providing consistent seed-to-soil contact for uniform emergence. We do not recommend running drag-chains or seed firmers with the Curvetine closing wheel, the wheel creates an ideal seed-bed in most conditions without any additional equipment. For customers who will be running in mellow, or heavily worked ground the Curvetine™ may be used with either your standard rubber closer, or if your planter is equipped with two M-Series hubs, you can swap out your Curvetine for the FurrowFlex steel rimmed rubber wheel. Typically we recommend you run the Curvetine in the front bolt-hole and the rubber wheel in the rear bolt-hole of the tail piece.

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Dawn Equipment Gfx Hydraulic, Remote-Adjust, Floating Row Cleaner

We know row cleaner adjustments aren't always the highest priority during planting. Row cleaners should set correctly, but as the planting window narrows, there is little time for adjustments. So we may have to gouge a little, or not quite clear enough, in order to get the crop planted on schedule. The simple, yet dependable design of the Gfx row cleaner gives you unparalleled control over your row cleaning. The hydraulically controlled Trashwheels can be instantaneously adjusted over the entire length of the planter, using a simple in-cab electronic interface. Don't settle for a mediocre seedbed, take control of your planter.

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Pro Mags Gauge Wheels

Pro Mags® Gauge Wheels are the only gauge wheels engineered with no-till in mind and use OEM tires and OEM heavy grade bearings. Built stronger than standard gauge wheels, they outperform other gauge wheel options and enable successful planting in all conditions. Pro Mags® gauge wheels provide the ultimate mud and residue removal. Manufactured for all seed planters and drills, Pro Mags® gauge wheels are available in 2-, 3- and 4-inch widths with Standard and RID profile tires. Urethane tire options available for extended wear. Pro Mags® Radial Scrapers replace standard frame-mounted scrapers and are adjustable. The blades feature a patented double-torsion system that enables the blade to flex and maintain even contact and tension for optimal scraping. Pro Mags®: Better Built.

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Pro Stitch Closing Wheels

Pro Stitch wheels are made of a 1-piece UHMW construction, OEM bearings and stainless steel flanges. They are available for John Deere and Case IH planters and air seeders and Kinze and White planters. They gently stitch the seam to eliminate sidewall compaction and provide outstanding seed-to-soil contact. Ideal for cold and wet soils, Pro Stitch wheels are installed in a staggered pattern to provide the nice stitch effect when closing the seed slot. Minimum down pressure is required due to its footprint design.

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Ace Pump Gemini™ Dual Pump Kit

The Gemini™ dual pump kit allows a user to operate two Ace Pumps and apply two liquids at different rates while only requiring one valuable tractor hydraulic connection. It may be used on tractors with either load sensing or pressure compensated closed center hydraulic systems. Oil may be supplied from one selective control valve (SCV) or the power beyond hydraulic supply. The package includes everything needed for manual operation including a switch box, wiring harness, hydraulic valve manifold and fittings. The system can also be controlled automatically using PWM control signals from the customer’s controller to the included proportional valves.

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