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5000 Stalk Devastator™ from Yetter Mfg.

The 5000 Stalk Devastator™ from Yetter Farm Equipment prevents tire damage, which means less down time and less expense to replace tires and tracks. The Devastator pushes stalks over and crushes them so tires and tracks on the combine or any equipment traveling through the fields are protected from cornstalk damage. The Devastator is designed to crush stalks while leaving stalks attached, to speeding up the process of breaking down the cornstalk—which leads to improved field conditions for spring planting.

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Poly Corn Snouts — Proven to Outperform and Outlast

Replace your existing metal or worn out poly corn gatherers with May Wes’s Poly Corn Snouts and reap the benefits.

Design Innovations:

  • Easy access for cleaning and maintenance
  • Designed with deeper shoulders for better crop retention
  • Pivot points — fold up, in and down
  • Complete poly construction – inner and outer walls, absorbs impact for less ear bounce and denting

Poly Corn Snout kits available for:

  • John Deere 600, 90, and 40 Series
  • Case IH 900/1000 and 800 Series
  • Gleaner Hugger
  • And more

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C/M Knife Roller Kit

The C/M Knife Roller kit is a complete interchange for the stalk rollers you are currently using on either 40 or 90 series JD corn heads.

  • The cutting edge of the knife is coated with long wearing tungsten carbide and heat treated making them extremely sharp and durable.
  • The coating on one side of the knife produces a self sharpening design that ensures consistent performance throughout the life of the knife.
  • Knife stalk rolls are recommended for customers who demand aggressive residue processing across a broad range of conditions. This roller kit is not a substitute for a “Chopping Corn Head.”

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Calmer’s BT Chopper® Replacement Stalk Rolls

Calmer’s BT Chopper® Replacement Stalk Rolls utilize a patented revolving open window that guarantees 100 percent traction of stalks, along with 10 razor-sharp knives that chop, cut and shear cornstalks into confetti-like residue. Some advantages of the BT Chopper® include:

  • Superior residue to soil contact in the fall
  • Warmer, drier seed beds in the spring
  • Exploded stalk stubs that are easier on tires and result in faster decomposition for a variety of agronomic advantages

Calmer Corn Heads and BT Chopper stalk rolls are farmer-invented, farmer-tested and farmer-proven—our corn head upgrade kits make any existing corn head perform better and offer reliable performance year after year.

Call us by July 4 at 309-629-9000 to take advantage of our early order discounts and to solve your residue management problems for good this harvest.

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AWS: Advanced Wind-Reel Systems

There is no need to replace your existing factory reel to gain the benefits of harvesting with air. The simple, removable out-front AWS manifold locates nozzles between the reel fingers and is available for all types and styles of headers. Making use of your existing factory reel, the AWS manifold affects the crop ahead of the knife, greatly enhancing wind-reel effectiveness. In dry conditions, where excessive mechanical reel shatter loss is prevalent, the AWS mounts allow the finger reel to be raised out of the crop, allowing the air to continue feeding the crop into the head.

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Bestway Retriever® Self Loading Trailer

The Retriever® Self Loading Trailer features a self-contained hydraulic lift system that allows one truck and operator to pick up and transport combine heads (up to 45 ft. and beyond) as well as 3-point mounted equipment (up to 54 ft.) without the need for a combine, forklift or tractor to assist. The Retriever SLT increases the efficiency of farm equipment dealers by reducing manpower and equipment. The operator simply backs up to the head, lifts the load with the head adapter, rotates the load lengthwise, secures load and drives away. Unloading is just as easy, a one man operation. The Retriever SLT works with draper, corn and grain heads and allows servicing of the heads while on the trailer. A low interest lease program is available to farm equipment dealers.

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MDD-100 Row Independent Corn Head

The MDD-100 available in the US and Canada through North American distributor, Craig Yeager, is the only truly row-independent corn head without adjustments or modifications available on the market today:

  • Any row spacing
  • Any crop conditions — even down crops
  • Without ground seed restrictions
  • Solution to misaligned rows
  • Reduce harvest loss on overlapped headlines
  • Harvest every direction to maximize productivity

Order the MDD-100 Row Independent Corn Head before the 2015 harvest by contacting Craig Yeager by email or by phone 306-682-5888.


Stubble Striker from Poly Tech Industries, Inc.

Protect your tracks or tires from today’s tougher hybrid stalks. Poly Tech developed the Stubble Striker to be the lightest unit on the market. At 22 lbs. per row they are 50% to 60% lighter than other models. The Stubble Striker Features a 10 in. wide by 1/2 in. thick Poly Last™ UHMW shoe mounted to a flexible spring and brackets using simple pin locations and polyurethane bumpers for easy height adjustment. The shoe assembly easily flips up for transport.

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MacDon D & FD Series Combine Headers

The MacDon D and FD Series combine headers are a true multi-cop harvesting solution, perfect for harvesting cereals, oil seeds, grass seeds, and beans. Low podding, downed, tangled or lodged crop; whatever the situation, MacDon D and FD Series draper headers deliver outstanding harvesting performance.

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May Wes Stalk Stompers

Protect your tires and promote residue decomp with Quick Disconnect 2 Stalk Stompers. Features include a self-contained lock pin so there are no loose parts, a Chain Sleeve to protect from binding and debris buildup, adjustable spring for changing height and down pressure, and a toolbar mount bracket that supports operating and transport positions. Kits are available for:

  • John Deere 600, 90/40
  • Case IH 2600/4200/4400, 2200/2400/3200/3400, 900/1000
  • New Holland 99C/980, 96C/96D/98D/996
  • Drago Series I & II and new GT
  • Geringhoff Elite, XL, Horizon
  • Lexion
  • AGCO, Massey, Gleaner & Challenger
  • Harvestec 5000/6000
  • Fantini
  • Capello

Upgrade kits are available to take existing Stalk Stompers to the latest Quick Disconnect 2 version.

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