ATLANTA, Indiana Beck’s announced today a new agreement with Herschel, a manufacturing and distribution company out of Indianola, Iowa. Herschel will take over all sales, service and distribution of Flo-Rite seed firmers. Flo-Rite offers a new and improved revolutionary seed firmer design by incorporating a durable, high-tech memory polymer, a replaceable wear plate and a protected fertilizer tube. 

Herschel is owned and operated by Alamo Group. Herschel specializes in the sales, manufacturing and distribution of quality tillage tools, harvesting, hay, tractors, planting equipment, spray/fertilizer, and other agricultural replacement parts. In a continued effort to grow their portfolio of planter accessories, Herschel has agreed to take on the sales and marketing of the Flo-Rite product line.  

“As the sole distributor of Flo-Rite since 2014, we have seen first-hand the success many farmers have had with this revolutionary technology,” said Scott Beck, president of Beck’s. “The continued growth in sales has far surpassed our expectations, and we wanted to ensure that Flo-Rite customers still received the best service and support in the industry. We see the value in a company like Herschel, who is well suited for parts sales through their online store, expansive dealer force, and vast distribution network.”

With 100 years in aftermarket parts distribution, Herschel has the distribution capabilities, product support and dealer network to continue growing sales of Flo-Rite seed firmers. Inventory will officially become available through Herschel’s dealers beginning July 1, 2016.

“Herschel is excited to have the opportunity to add Flo-Rite seed firmers to its existing product line,” said Craig Harthoorn, president of Herschel. “Beck’s extensive research and work with Flo-Rite have proven its value, which has created a huge demand, a demand that now requires a larger distribution network. Flo-Rite is the industry leader in seed firmers and will be a natural fit in the Herschel planter parts line. We appreciate the opportunity to work with Beck’s and Flo-Rite and look forward to expanding the distribution and sales of Flo-Rite in new markets, as well as servicing new and current customers.”

Flo-Rite was developed by Jeff Peter, a farmer and inventor from Hicksville, Ohio. Peter’s patented seed firmer design improves seed-to-soil contact and planting depth consistency, which leads to better seed germination, more consistent emergence, better stands, and increased yields. According to Beck’s Practical Farm Research (PFR) 2-year study, Flo-Rite has resulted in a 5.3 Bu./A. advantage over no seed firmer and offers significantly lower maintenance costs as a result of the exclusive replaceable wear plate. For more information, visit