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Schlagel Rapid-Till

The new Schlagel Rapid-Till is designed to pull and follow easier due to its new style shank and lighter weight, and perform better at higher speeds than the original Schlagel Till-N-Plant. The Rapid-Till is designed to till up to 10 inches deep, apply fertilizer in multiple zones and, depending on soil conditions, run up to 8 mph and make a perfect seedbed. The Schlagel Rapid-Till comes in many different configurations from 4 to 24 rows and in rows as narrow as 20 inches on a single toolbar.

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SoilRazor® CT and SoilRazor® VT from Ingersoll Tillage Group

Ingersoll’s SoilRazor discs represent a solid innovation that has quickly spread as the leading standard for worldwide use. SoilRazor blades are crafted from Ingersoll’s pure professional grade steel, made from virgin iron ore taconite, and created with a proprietary formula to provide long-lasting performance, durability and resilience. SoilRazor’s innovative saw-tooth edge is ideal for slicing and mixing the toughest residue, and for penetrating difficult soil conditions. While they perform, SoilRazor blades maintain their cutting edge throughout their working life, continuing to save fuel, manage residue and prepare the seedbed.

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Gladiator 1205 Strip Tillage System from Kuhn Krause

The New Gladiator Strip Tillage System offers on-row conservation tillage, precise nutrient placement and nonstop seedbed conditioning while reducing adjustment and maintenance time from field to field for maximum profitability. Available in the innovative pull-type 1205 model or 3-point angled-hinge 1205M model toolbar, the ST-PRO™ row units contour to ground surface conditions, allowing the shanks to consistently operate at the customer-determined depth. Now capable of carrying up to 9 tons of fertilizer, the 1205 improves operational efficiency. The Gladiator Strip Tillage System is available in 3-point and pull-type models with working widths from 15-40 feet.

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Copperhead Ag Products

Copperhead Ag Products prides themselves in offering profitable solutions to challenges facing the modern day farmer. A Midwest company, based out of South Dakota, we have developed several profit-producing products for your operation. Planter operators can benefit from the use of our Furrow Cruiser® spiked closing wheel, which eliminates sidewall compaction and promotes even emergence of planted seeds. Gains of 4% yield per acre were seen on average last season. We are also excited to introduce the Drill Cruiser closing wheel for drill and air seeders. This product was developed over the last 4 years and has been met with quick acceptance of those who drill beans and small grains.

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SoilWarrior® from Environmental Tillage Systems

Environmental Tillage Systems (ETS) is proud to manufacture the SoilWarrior®—the only complete, precision zone tillage and nutrient placement system. The SoilWarrior combines the speed, power and deep soil manipulation of conventional tillage with the economic and environmental advantages of conservation tillage. Today’s innovative growers choose the SoilWarrior for its durable construction, flexible design, and operational efficiency. Profitably revitalize your land with SoilWarrior.

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GEN I Metering System from Montag Mfg.

Rock solid and reliable in design, GEN I — the original Montag metering system — is a well-tested design manufactured entirely out of 300 series food grade stainless steel or a chemically resistant poly. Each row is individually metered for a greater row-to-row accuracy, which is a key requirement with precision agriculture. The GEN I is available in both High Output and Standard, in 8, 12, 16 and 18 rows (24 rows in High Output only) with the meters available in either a standard or low-rate metering screw.

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Kongskilde Strip-Till Systems

Conserve and enrich your soil with the game changers in tillage — the Kongskilde Strip-Till Systems. The F6200 & F7200 combine the best parts of mulch tillage, while still leaving residue between the rows. They also combine multiple field trips in one pass by applying a complete fertilizer program, right in the root zone. Choose the F7200 to work tough soils and apply your choice of anhydrous, liquid or dry fertilizer. Or go with the F6200 for a dual-placement applicator and the ability to carry the fertilizer right on the bar. Reach for maximum growth and yield potential with Kongskilde.

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Dawn Pluribus Strip-Till Unit

The Pluribus strip till unit was far ahead of the current trend toward shallower, spring strip till when it was introduced in 2007. It redefined what strip till meant in an era when knives running 10” deep in the ground was the status quo. The Pluribus was a strip freshener before the term was fashionable. This year will see the largest update of change in the Dawn strip till product line ever when we add features like optional automatic down pressure control, easier depth adjustment, and new multi-use features to this product. The Pluribus strip till unit has gained wide market acceptance over the past ten years, and soon you will see the bright future ahead for this innovative product.

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Great Plains Nutri-Pro®

Great Plains’ innovative Nutri-Pro® Precision models are designed to apply liquid fertilizer while simultaneously removing residue and vertically strip-tilling the planting zone, promoting fast, even emergence in the newly cleaned, warmed and fertile seedbed. They allow the producer to pre-apply liquid fertilizer in the spring — just prior to planting — replacing traditional methods of applying nutrients in the fall to eliminate winter nitrogen losses. Patent-pending Quik-Tach™ Coulters allow the three-coulter Nutri-Pro Precision models to be easily converted from pre-apply to sidedress, so fertilizer can be applied after the plants have emerged, ensuring nutrients reach the plant directly for maximum benefit and reduced waste.

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Yetter 2984 Strip Freshener

Yetter’s 2984 Strip Freshener utilizes a three-blade design followed with the rolling basket to condition existing strips to warm the planting zone or create spring strips. The parallel linkage arms allow the freshener to follow field contours at operating speeds of 6-10 mph and 2-4 inches deep. The Strip Freshener includes a universal mounting bracket to fit 4-by-4-inch, 5-by-7-inch, 6-by-6-inch, and 7-by-7-inch toolbars. Optional fertilizer kit for liquid or dry application is available.

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Vulcan Equipment ZoneMaster

The ZoneMaster is a strip-till tool designed to create optimal spring strips or to dress up fall-applied strips. The ZoneMaster clears residue, lightly conditions the soil, speeds up warm-up and dry-down for faster and more even germination. Using “vertical tillage,” it creates an optimal planting atmosphere. ZoneMaster can also be used to apply starter fertilizer or liquid fertilizer in the root zone. ZoneMaster provides the best in quality and value to serve the purpose of creating a better yield via pre-planting preparation and soil condition optimization. The ZoneMaster is field-tested and proven.

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Nutri-Tiller Strip-Till Applicator from Case IH

The Nutri-Tiller strip-till applicator from Case IH is a one-pass seedbed tool that manages crop residue, enhances soil tilth and bands plant food in the root zone for maximum nutrient efficiency. At the heart of the row unit, the edge-bent shank features proper holding force for consistent tillage and fertilizer placement depth, even in rocky soils. Customize and adjust individual row unit features to suit your conditions and prepare a seedbed that ensures fast, uniform emergence. When it’s time to deep-band dry product, hook the Nutri-Tiller up to the Precision Air™ 5 series air cart — featuring AccuSection™ modular metering control technology — for precise control over inputs.

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BLU-JET® StripTracker™

The BLU-JET® StripTracker™ combines BLU-JET's award winning stretched and staggered rows with on-board fertilizer capacities for superior residue flow and optimized fertilizer placement. The row components operate independently from one another, so each piece handles obstructions and residue independently. This allows for more accurate placement across the length of the field in rocky conditions, and superior residue handling. Button stop depth control, along with pin adjust gauge wheels, more easily control depth. StripTracker utilizes easy to use features with low maintenance components providing less in-season downtime, maximizing your return on investment by lowering your total cost of ownership.

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Strip Till for You is a farmer-owned business where we use what we sell. We have been working with Dawn Equipment and Montag Mfg since 2008 and have since expanded to include Niffty Ag and Twin Diamond Industries for strip-till units along with Harvest International, Moore-built, and B&D Metal works for pull-type and 3-point toolbars. Whether we build a turnkey machine or direct ship items from factory to your farm, we are your one stop shop for the right machine for your needs. New and used items on hand.

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1tRIPr from Orthman

In 2001, when Orthman introduced the 1tRIPr to combat low commodity prices, water shortages, and high input costs, it was revolutionary. Now, 15 years later, the landscape is littered with “minimum till,” “zone till” and "strip-till” machines. And in our view, that’s a good thing. In fact, that’s where Orthman got its start in 1965 — by improving techniques and machinery, and doing things a little bit better along the way. Competition makes us all better — and that competition has pushed us to refine and upgrade the 1tRIPr over the years, learning more and more through agronomic test plots and University studies around the world. And now, with more strip-till acres under it than any other machine in the world, we’re confident in saying that only the Orthman 1tRIPr offers the durability to handle heavy residue and varying soil conditions, while accomplishing the Three Pillars of Precision Tillage: ideal seedbed preparation, precision nutrient placement and optimal root zone conditioning.

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