DuPont recently received registration approval from the EPA for DuPont Lumisena fungicide seed treatment. 

Lumisena improves crop establishment and stand uniformity by controlling Phytophthora in soybeans and downy mildew in sunflower crops.

“The true benefit in using Lumisena fungicide seed treatment is in how it works,” says Mick Messman, director of the DuPont Seed Treatment Enterprise. “Oxathiapiprolin, the active ingredient, controls pathogens during multiple stages of their life cycle. The result is healthier plants that emerge quickly and develop strong root masses.”

In DuPont research trials, soybean seed protected with Lumisena had 32% less Phytophthora sojae incidence than untreated seed. Additionally, university research trials showed soybeans treated with the active ingredient in Lumisena fungicide seed treatment provided outstanding protection against Phytophthora compared with conventional seed treatment fungicides.

For sunflowers, DuPont trials showed seed treated with Lumisena fungicide seed treatment had 76-96% less downy mildew compared to untreated seed and 20-41% less downy mildew compared to conventional fungicide seed treatments. Likewise, university trials showed sunflower seed treated with the active ingredient in Lumisena produced plants with significantly less downy mildew vs. existing fungicide seed treatments.

Lumisena fungicide seed treatment has a favorable environmental profile, given its ability to deliver effective pathogen control at low use rates.

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