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When visiting with strip-tillers, I always like to discover their motivating factors for adopting the practice. For some, there was an ‘a-ha’ moment and defining circumstances that prompted a change to their tillage practices.

For others, it was a more gradual realization that the way they’d historically farmed wasn’t in the best interests of their soil health and crop needs.

But whatever the reason, strip-tillers all have a starting point and a story to tell. This is certainly true of Northfield, Minn., farmer David Legvold, who began his journey from conventional tillage to strip-till nearly 4 decades ago.

In today’s Strip-Till Farmer podcast, brought to you by Blu-Jet, we welcome David to share the details of his ongoing strip-till odyssey to include equipment modifications, residue management preferences and fertility placement practices.







The Strip-Till Farmer podcast is brought to you by Blu-Jet.

For more than four decades, Blu-Jet has been an innovative leader in fertilizer injection and tillage equipment for the agricultural industry. Over that time, large-acre farmers have found “Blu-Jet” to be synonymous with durability, low maintenance and return on investment. A founding Title Sponsor of the National Strip-Tillage Conference, Blu-Jet’s Strip-Tracker was the first strip-till implement to combine on-board fertilizer carrying capacities with a stretched and staggered row unit. Visit or call them today at 800-658-3127.



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