MAPLETON, N.D. —  Horsch, a global manufacturer of seeding, planting, tillage, and application equipment, has introduced two new models to its line of high-precision planters. The Maestro SW 4715 is a 47-row planter with 15- and 30-inch row spacing capabilities on a 60-foot toolbar. The Maestro SW 4815 is a 48-row planter with 15- and 30-inch row spacing capabilities on a 60-foot toolbar, designed especially for planting between existing rows in no-till applications.

Both the Maestro SW 4715 and 4815 feature the latest technologies for accurate planting, including electric motor-driven metering units with individual row shutoff and curve compensation, hydraulic down pressure on the row units, a planter weight transfer system, and precision monitoring via ISO Virtual Terminals or Horsch monitors. They also boast the largest seed and liquid fertilizer capacities in the industry, helping producers plant more acres in a day than competitive products. The planters come standard with an 83-bushel seed capacity and 770-gallon liquid fertilizer capacity. Customers may configure the main liquid tank for seed and add saddle tanks to the planter to give the unit 250 bushels of seed capacity and 1,000 gallons of liquid fertilizer capacity for extended run times.

Other standard features of the Maestro SW 4715 and 4815 include four pivot points on the toolbar for closely following ground contours. Additionally, large-diameter tires provide excellent floatation and a light footprint, while helping to eliminate pinch rows.

About Horsch
At Horsch our goal is to provide the very best of German engineering combined with North American ingenuity to manufacture cutting edge tillage and seeding equipment right here in North America. Our motto is "Farming with Passion", we believe whatever your endeavor is, there must be passion. Horsch is dedicated to being the most passionate agriculture manufacturing company providing solutions and tools for the most demanding cropping situations. For more information, contact Horsch, 200 Knutson Street, Mapleton, SD 58059; call 1-855-4HORSCH; email; or visit