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Many strip-tillers consider precise fertilizer application a foundational element of their systems. They seek ways to more efficiently and effectively place nutrients, where they are most accessible to growing plants.

Variable-rate nutrient application still an emerging practice, embraced by about 40% of farmers responding to past Strip-Till Farmer benchmark studies. But what are the secrets to overcoming adoption obstacles and bringing variable-rate from a technology on the brink to a mainstream tool?

As University of Kentucky associate professor and soil management specialist Josh McGrath says, “The scale at which we should manage nutrients remains much smaller than the scale at which we do manage nutrients. Generally, research indicates that scale should be about 2 corn plants for nitrogen management. That means switching rate every 14 inches.”

In this Strip-Till Farmer podcast episode brought to you by Topcon Agriculture, Josh discusses ongoing research into variable-rate technology, including creating the optimal conditions for creating fertility prescriptions for maximum plant response.







Strip-Till Farmer's podcast series is brought to you by Topcon Agriculture.

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