FRESNO, Calif. — Oro Agri announces the introduction of ENCOURAGE NANOCAL, a liquid, soil-applied product designed to supply crops with readily available calcium during periods of high demand such as grain or bean formation. Its calcium carbonate particles are milled to an average size of 0.7 microns ─ significantly smaller than the 3-20 micron size of other widely used calcium products.  Its sub-micron size is small enough to be taken up by the meristematic region of adventitious roots without requiring additional mineralization like gypsum, limestone or products with larger particle sizes.

“The demand for calcium spikes in crops as kernels or grain start to develop. Even if calcium levels, as a result of a standard nutrient program, appear adequate they may not be at a level to satisfy the needs of the crop’s intense demand during this development. Or the calcium may not be readily available for uptake by the crop’s roots because its particle size may be too large, as is often the case with gypsum or limestone.” explains Riley Reynolds, sales director for Oro Agri.

NANOCAL is designed as a supplemental source of calcium to be applied during those periods of high demand by crops. It is not meant to remedy an overall calcium deficiency in soils. NANOCAL is formulated for quick uptake by the roots and rapid translocation throughout the plant facilitated by Oro Agri’s proprietary TransXylem® technology. This is critical in supplying developing tubers the calcium it requires because calcium is only effectively translocated to the developing tubers through a plant’s xylem. Foliar calcium applications do not provide comparable levels of calcium because of its very limited movement within the plant outside of root uptake and translocation.  

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