Comparing & Contrasting Strip-Till Tools, Techniques & Outcomes


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Strip-till is often equated to a puzzle, with farmers having to assemble aspects of equipment, fertilizer application, technology, seed selection and soil health together. When one piece is missing, others don’t often fit. 

But the challenge for strip-tillers is that the size, shape and availability of those pieces can change. Perhaps more than any other farming practice, strip-till requires a willingness to adapt, experiment and learn. 

Results of the 6th Annual Strip-Till Operational Practices Benchmark study, evaluating 2018 cropping practices, reinforce the importance of adapting a strip-till system to increase production and efficiency. 

During this webinar, sponsored by Ingersoll, Jack Zemlicka, managing editor of Strip-Till Farmer shares and evaluates the results of the 2019 benchmark study, based on the responses of more than 200 farmers from 23 states, to include shifting equipment preferences, yield results, cover cropping methods and precision technology adoption. 

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • A demographic breakdown of strip-till corn and soybean acres, yields and seeding rates
  • A comparative analysis of the most popular equipment and precision setups being used in strip-till operations
  • Review and analysis of cover cropping adoption by strip-tillers, including seeding methods and the most popular varieties
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