Environmental Tillage Systems (ETS) announces Eastview Grain as an official SoilWarrior strip-tillage and nutrient placement systems dealer based out of Lowville, N.Y. Owner Aaron Miller and his team at Eastview Grain will sell and support SoilWarrior zone tillage and nutrient application equipment throughout eastern New York. This new partnership allows ETS to expand their sales efforts and reach a growing strip-tillage market.

Among the advantages provided by the equipment for Miller and other farmers using the system in his area, he said, “Benefits include proper fertilizer placement and increased soil health. Plus, I don’t have to pick rocks.” The unique coulter system on the SoilWarrior rolls over rocks rather than pulling them to the surface like shank-style machines.

Miller has already spread a lot of awareness about strip-tillage in his area. Eastview Grain hosted a demo day for 40 people on Sept. 5, 2019 in Lowville. Miller also demonstrated the SoilWarrior at the New York 4R Field Day on Oct. 15, 2019.