BASF Agricultural Solutions North America biodiversity initiative, Living Acres, is hosting its 5th annual #MonarchChallenge and invites farmers from across the nation to participate. With a decline in monarch populations, the #MonarchChallenge encourages growers to plant milkweed in non-crop areas of their farmland across the United States and along the migratory path of the monarch. The initiative not only benefits monarch butterflies, but other pollinators who thrive from adding pollinator habitats to non-productive crop land.

Milkweed is the only species of plant that monarch butterfly larvae feed on, making it a critical part of the monarch life cycle. In addition to providing seedlings, the Monarch Challenge also shares best practices Internal on milkweed development with farmers to help support the monarch butterfly.

Farmers can sign up for the Monarch Challenge by visiting The first 1,000 qualified farmers will receive a starter kit containing 18 milkweed seedlings to grow a butterfly habitat of their own or expand habitat areas they already have.

The deadline is Sunday, May 2nd, 2021.