[Video] Banking on Growing Season Potential After Your Berms are Built

Creating several inches of ideal plant- ing space is a critical component to every strip-till system. But once those berms are built, the next steps in the process of setting up your crop for success can’t be overlooked or taken for granted.

From evaluating planter performance, to early emergence and in-crop nutrient application needs, Lafayette, Ind., strip-tiller Gary Gangwer is dialed into delivering the best growing season environment for his strip-tilled crops on his 1,600-acre operation. To effectively capture the full potential of your strip- till efforts, Gangwer says a starting point is to know your soil, beyond the depth and width of your strips.

He explains answers to questions he posed on his own farm about properly setting up planter row units, choosing complimentary equipment to support strip-till goals and equipping the combine to effectively manage residue.

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