Case IH launched a new planter model at an Arizona media event.

The new 2150S Early Riser front-fold trailing planter addition brings narrow row choices to the 2000 series line. This addition of machines offers farmers a range of configurations including 23, 24, 31 or 32 rows with 15-inch spacing, or 24 rows with 20-inch spacing.

David Brennan, planter marketing manager, notes the 15-inch machines allow hydraulic lift of half the rows to convert to 30-inch spacing. Users have in-cab hydraulic row unit lift control that makes the conversion simple, with no manual lifting or tools required.

"That allows the farmer to make a 'game time' decision at planting based on what he needs. It's easy to switch from 30-inch to 15-inch if there's a crop change," Brennan says.

The row units are mounted on a subframe and with the split-row configuration the unit offset is 50 inches.

"Working in high-residue situations, that offset helps with material flow," Brennan adds. "It helps avoid that problem when you hit a beaver mound of material in the field."

The 2150S is the first planter with a flex wing design and it features 15-degrees of travel up and down.

"There are customer use cases in Western Iowa, Eastern Kansas and Kentucky where that toolbar is moving over rolling ground and this maintains ground contact," he says. "We're meeting our agronomic design goals for keeping that row unit in contact with the ground."

In addition, Brennan points out each row unit has 16-inches of travel, which also helps maintain seed to soil contact in a range of conditions.

The front-fold design of the 2150S brings the machine to a 13-foot transport width, which allows for easy travel. That also means the machine takes up less shed space during storage.

The 2150S can reduce daily tender times with two improvements. First two 50 bushel tanks boost on-board seed capacity to 100 bushels. Optional scales can be added allowing improved planter management and tender planning.

The equipment includes a 525-gallon liquid tank for fertilizer application.

"The larger tank allows a farmer to apply the products they want, and we offer a range of options for application from 2-by-2 from the coulter to in-furrow application," Brennan says.

The new planter also features one vacuum fan for more efficient operation and reduced hydraulic flow on the tractor. 

"That's minimum oil needed and reduces heat stress on the hydraulic system and reduces fuel consumption," Brennan adds.

From row cleaners to a range of down-pressure options, the new 2150S Early Riser planter can be set up to meet a specific farm's needs.