The Environmental Protection Agency announced further label restrictions on over-the-top use of dicamba in Minnesota and Iowa. The changes, requested by pesticide registrants in consultation with those states, are intended to reduce risks from the use of over-the-top dicamba, an herbicide used to control certain types of broadleaf weeds.

The revised labeling prohibits over-the-top dicamba application on dicamba-tolerant crops after June 20 in Iowa, and on dicamba-tolerant crops south of Interstate 94 after June 12 in Minnesota. The cut-off date for land north of Interstate 94 remains June 30. The revisions also prohibit the practice when the air temperature is over 85 degrees at the time of application or if the forecasted high temperature of the nearest available location exceeds 85 degrees in Minnesota.

These restrictions are intended to reduce the likelihood of volatility and offsite movement of over-the-top dicamba by avoiding application on days with high temperatures, according to the EPA.