Holganix unveils its new microbial product, Holganix Bio 800 + Breakdown to help farmers accelerate the break down of crop residue and enhance their fertilizer investment. The new product is ideal for farmers looking to enhance planter performance and to break down crop residue faster and more effectively.

Holganix Bio 800 + Breakdown charges soil with a consortium of over 800 species of soil microbes, microbe food, and 2% slow-release nitrogen. The product contains heightened microbe species that play a special role in crop residue breakdown, including the following: lingin degrading microbes, Aspergillus niger, Aspergillus terreus, Penicillium polonicum, Gluconacetobacter rhaeticusi, Janthinobacterium lividum, and Pseudomonas veronii.

“These microbes break down crop residue to enhance planter performance, saving farmers time and frustration,” explains David Stark, Ph.D., President of Agriculture at Holganix. Because farmers are using reduced tillage practices, crop residue is no longer turned under the soil, instead, it sits on top, increasing the decomposition time. This creates planting and seed germination issues. “Bio 800 + Breakdown also enhances the farmer’s soil investment by releasing organic matter, building the soil microbiome, and unlocking nutrients in crop residue,” states Stark.

Holganix Bio 800 + Breakdown is packaged in 2.25-gallon jugs, 50-gallon drums, and 250-gallon totes. The product is applied at 0.5 gallons per acre after harvest. To maintain the vitality of the product, Holganix Bio 800 Breakdown can be stored at ambient temperatures, and out of direct sunlight, for four-to-six weeks out of refrigeration. Long-term refrigeration storage is provided for farmers that meet purchasing minimums.

Barrett Ersek, CEO and Founder of Holganix, states, "We are excited to be adding Holganix Bio 800 + Breakdown to our portfolio of Bio 800+ Products. Holganix Bio 800+ Breakdown is an easy-to-use formulation that provides consistent performance to break down crop residue while also improving soil health.”

Holganix will be launching Holganix Bio 800 + Breakdown in the U.S. this summer, with registration in Canada by Spring 2023.

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