Valent U.S.A. has received EPA registration for Maverick Corn Herbicide, a new tool for corn farmers in their fight against resistant weeds. Maverick equips growers with three effective modes of action for long-lasting, broad-spectrum control of problematic weeds, including waterhemp, Palmer amaranth, marestail and annual grasses, as well as application flexibility from preplant up to 18-inch corn, low use rates for easy in-field handling and mixing, and excellent compatibility with atrazine. 

"Maverick provides use options that increase operational efficiencies and in-field performance," says Erick Garcia, Maverick brand manager for Valent U.S.A. "Not only do the three modes of action make it a broad spectrum, long-lasting solution, Maverick also provides growers the operational flexibility they need to make the most of their weed management program."

Combining three different modes of action (clopyralid, a Group 4 - Plant-Growth Inhibitor; mestrione, a Group 27- HPPD Inhibitor; and pyroxasulfone, a Group 15 - Very-Long-Chain Fatty Acid Inhibitor), makes Maverick an excellent choice for herbicide resistance management programs. 

Maverick will be available later this year, pending state registrations. To learn more about Maverick, visit

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