Meristem Crop Performance has launched two biological delivery systems aimed at improving biological performance, according to a company press release.

Both systems result from work with industry partners and are designed to work with farming operations to boost the performance of a broad range of biologicals.

“This is all about creating greater productivity for American farmers.” said Mitch Eviston, Meristem Founder and CEO, in unveiling the two new patent-pending systems.

The Bio-Capsule Technology Planter Box Delivery System is a revolutionary packaging system designed to carry, protect and dispense multiple biologicals into a seed lubricant blend with micronutrients. It will be launched commercially in crop year 2023 as part the Revline Hopper Throttle product.

For crop year 2023, one of Bio-Capsules will be charged with Terrasym by NewLeaf Symbiotics. Terrasym is intended to help plants increase nutrient uptake to develop root structure. 

Another Bio-Capsule will be charged with a microbial team proven to fix nitrogen and solubilize nutrients. In the base is an 80/20 talc blend with iron and manganese and 1.35 pounds of a formulated zinc.

The capsules are intended to keep the biologicals separated from micronutrients until they are deployed.

The system is intended to deliver live microbes in powder formulation directly to the seed in a way that ensures they only become active during seed germination.

The second product is Microbilize Microbe Technology Delivery System. The system involves a liquid formulation technology designed to enhance microbe health, increase vigor, and speed reproduction at the target.

Microbilize uses a surfactant system, fulvic acid and other ingredients to increase the shelf life and performance of microbes. The first commercial launch for Microbilize is a new improvement of Meristem’s residue management and nutrient release product, name Excavator.

Excavator uses six different residue-eating microbes for a total of 700 billion total colony-forming units (CFUs) per gallon.

Excavator and Revline Hopper Throttle are designed to complement each other.

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