Bayer is changing the future of agriculture by introducing the Preceon Smart Corn System, marking a new era in corn production. The system will help farmers protect their crop and optimize decision-making throughout the season for sustained success.

The Preceon Smart Corn System is beginning with three complementary components that, when applied together, help farmers better manage risk and increase opportunities to help protect their yield and profitability potential:

  • Short stature corn hybrids are the foundation of the Preceon Smart Corn System. This transforming innovation is designed to P.A.Y. farmers back by delivering:
    • Protection from crop yield loss due to increased lodging and greensap tolerance in high winds and challenging weather conditions.
    • Access all season long for timely, precise application of crop protection and other inputs with standard ground equipment.
    • Yield potential through increased opportunity to optimize crop inputs, planting seeding rates and field placement.
  • FieldView™ digital insights help farmers maximize outcomes with custom field placement and seeding rate recommendations. Farmers can receive advanced, variable seeding rate prescriptions by sharing their field boundaries, target yields by field and two years of historical yield data within the FieldView platform.
  • Tailored support from Bayer and participating Dealers/Seedsmen will bring farmers reliable support to help maximize the Preceon Smart Corn System. The exclusive group of farmers in the 2023 Ground Breakers® Field Trial program will receive personalized, hands-on service as well as regional agronomic recommendations and best practices.

Bayer is committed to helping farmers gain the most value from the system as possible, from access to Bayer research data to prescriptive agronomic recommendations and FieldView digital services tailored to their farms. The Preceon Smart Corn System, which will be launched globally and commercialized in the coming years, will continue to develop in the future, offering significant benefits to farmers for years to come.

Moving forward, this system will be an important part of how Bayer helps farmers navigate increasingly difficult obstacles, including the ongoing effects of climate change, to help feed the world.

“This is one of the most important and exciting launches we have ever had at Bayer,” said Dr. Jacqueline Applegate, president of Bayer Crop Science North America. “Farmers continue to face new and strenuous challenges every season, including pressure from weeds, insects, diseases, and unpredictable weather conditions that have increased in frequency and severity. The Preceon Smart Corn System is one of the most innovative solutions we have developed in this space. We anticipate the system will evolve and continue to provide significant value to farmers in the future.”

Bayer is expanding the Preceon Smart Corn System testing in 2023 through the Ground Breakers® Field Trials to more than 30,000 acres. The feedback from more than 280 participating farmers will be essential for enhancing the system in the future. Bayer expects to have a targeted commercial introduction in the U.S. in 2024.

“We could not be more excited to participate in this trial,” said Brant Voss, Iowa farmer and 2023 Ground Breakers Field Trial participant. “We are always looking to adopt the best and newest technologies, and Bayer is leading the way in agricultural innovation. There is no other system like it, and we cannot wait to see the advantages come this fall.”

For more information about the Preceon Smart Corn System, reach out to your Bayer representative or visit

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