Redekop, Sabanto, InnerPlant and Bosch/BASF One Smart Spray will take part in the first ever Ahead of the Curve Panel at the National Strip-Tillage Conference, Aug. 2-4, in Bloomington, Ill. 

Attendees will get an up-close look at the future of strip-till and farm technology as the 4 companies showcase their cutting-edge product innovations during a 1-hour classroom session. 

Sabanto will highlight its autonomy kit, and how it allows strip-tillers to dip their toes into autonomy by adding more technology to existing equipment. 

“When you think about a strip-till application it takes a lot of time,” says Matt Hesse, Sabanto VP Sales and Marketing. “Cover cropping also takes time. We’re helping farmers free themselves up from having to be in the vehicle so they can focus on other tasks. We believe our technology will enable growers to spend their capital differently — expanding it across a fleet that’s smaller and lighter, resulting in more vehicles in the field.”

WATCH: Sabanto's Matt Hesse previews his Ahead of the Curve presentation. 

InnerPlant is arranging plant genetics to give crops the ability to "shine" when they are under stress from drought, pests or plant disease. The shining plants would improve remote sensing imagery to alert growers to problems in the field. The California tech company will deep dive into the technology and how it could transform the way strip-tillers farm. 

WATCH: InnerPlant gives plants a voice. 

Redekop manufactures products that improve residue management, ultimately helping farmers produce more with less. Attendees will learn about the company's Harvest Weed Seed Control solutions, including the new Seed Control Unit (SCU). The SCU provides combines with a flexible and cost-efficient solution to destroy up to 98% of the harvestable weeds in a single pass operation.

WATCH: A brief overview of the Redekop Seed Control Unit (SCU)

Bosch BASF Smart Farming's One Smart Spray technology offers real-time, automated weed detection and precision spraying. As the sprayer passes over a field, the system distinguishes crops from weeds and controls individual spray nozzles with pinpoint accuracy, ensuring herbicide is applied in the right dose exactly where it's needed. Attendees will get an in-depth look at the camera-based system, before it hits the market in 2024. 

WATCH: AGCO's Joe Dimler provides the nuts and bolts of One Smart Spray.

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