Unverferth Manufacturing Co., Inc. has completed a major addition of a 5,000-square-foot facility and renovations at its Shell Rock, Iowa, plant. This marks another significant milestone in the plant's expansion — the 13th project since the company bought the facility in 1988. Unverferth also plans to add 55 jobs to the area to support increased demand and diversification of product lines at the Shell Rock plant.

"As we continue to expand our operations in Shell Rock, we saw a need for more warehousing and production staging," said Larry Unverferth, president for the company. "The addition of this space, along with the renovations, will allow us to better meet our production schedule needs as we experience significant growth in sales. We're even more excited that we'll be able to create additional high-quality jobs for the area."

The addition adds a top-of-the-line manufacturing space and expanded room for storage of component parts for products such as Brent grain carts and wagons, Unverferth Pro-Force dry fertilizer spreaders, Unverferth NutriMax liquid fertilizer applicators and Top Air sprayers.

A number of upgrades and modernizations are part of the renovation to ensure employees are safe, operations are efficient and products are manufactured to the highest quality. New upgrades include:

•State-of-the-art tube lasers increase product quality and capacity
•Electronically controlled air quality throughout the entire facility
•Overhead lifts to provide added safety for manufacturing larger parts and components
•State-of-the-art LED lighting provides enhanced visibility while reducing energy requirements
•Robotic sorting of parts as they come off the laser tables
•Fiber lasers for making high-quality parts with precision

Delivering high-quality jobs to Shell Rock

With its continued growth, Unverferth seeks to hire 55 qualified welders, painters, powder coaters, break press and laser operators immediately at its Shell Rock location. Manufacturing wages start at $25 an hour, and second shift employees receive a $2 per hour shift premium and have the benefit of four-day work weeks. Specifically, Unverferth is looking for first and second shift welders, second shift brake press operators, second shift painters and powder coaters, second shift laser operators, and first and second shift robotic welders. Training and education opportunities are available to those looking to work in this type of manufacturing career.

Other benefits include weekly paychecks, $0 health care premiums, up to 15% profit sharing retirement contribution each year and a safe working environment. Unverferth is one of Butler County's largest employers at the Shell Rock manufacturing facility. This expansion and hiring blitz speak to the ongoing growth and strength of the business and Unverferth's commitment to grow with the communities where employees live and work.

"Unverferth prides itself on producing an environment that encourages longevity in our workplace, from creating a safe working environment to facilitating a thriving employee culture to offering outstanding benefits and ways to connect and give back to our community," Larry Unverferth said. "We understand and prioritize the needs of our employees, so we seek to find opportunities at any juncture to show we care. We want our employees to feel valued each day they walk into work."

For more information, including the Unverferth 30-second job application, visit Unverferth.com/careers/.

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