SOLON, Ohio (February 1, 2024) – Locus Agriculture (Locus AG) today announced the introduction of six new biological treatments to its Rhizolizer Duo product line. Available immediately for in-furrow, and upstream and downstream seed applications, the biologicals meet the evolving needs of row crop farmers, seed treatment companies, agricultural retailers and distributors. The launch is a response to the industry’s need for cost-effective, sustainable biologicals amidst rising input costs, which are identified as the primary threat to farm profitability.

The six Rhizolizer Duo additions include three in-furrow biologicals for corn, cotton and legumes, and three seed treatments for wheat and cereals, soybeans and corn. The expansion caters to on-farm application, upstream treatment at seed production facilities or downstream treatment at local retail locations. The in-furrow and seed treatments feature vital microbial strains that make them a significant advancement in agricultural biologicals.

“The Rhizolizer Duo biological expansion provides row crop farmers with an early advantage for higher yields and resource efficiency,” said Kade Haas, senior vice president of Locus AG. “It also gives seed treatment companies, ag retailers and distributors a competitive edge in the market by adding premium, high-performance biologicals to their portfolios that maximize seed performance and viability.”

Seed treatments play a critical role in today’s farming practices, with treated seeds currently being used on approximately 150 million acres of US cropland. The Rhizolizer Duo biological in-furrow and seed treatments offer an array of advantages that benefit the entire agriculture sector.    

The Rhizolizer Duo biologicals feature vital endophytic microbial strains that enter plant tissue, promoting early growth and development while enhancing nutrient use efficiency. Treating seeds or in-furrow with these novel strains starts crops with a robust foundation at planting. Initial data confirms substantial yield increases, including up to 9.4 more bushels per acre on average using the corn in-furrow application, according to Locus AG.

As part of their crop productivity benefits, the microbes in the new biological seed treatments can lead to increased carbon sequestration. Because of this, farmers can utilize the novel biologicals as eligibility to participate in Locus AG’s CarbonNOW carbon farming program. According to carbon experts, farmers that use the biologicals with other regenerative practices can generate up to 3 times more carbon credits per acre.

The fermentation-produced microbial products are 100% bio-based and align with the emerging category of natural seed treatments. They address growing demand for sustainable agricultural inputs that meet environmental and regulatory scrutiny.

The Rhizolizer Duo in-furrow and seed treatments join Locus AG’s current box applied (BA) biological options. They are made in the U.S. and available immediately for upcoming planting. For more details on product specifics, availability and how they can benefit farming and ag retail operations, visit

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