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On this episode of the Strip-Till Farmer podcast, brought to you by Yetter Farm Equipment, Galva, Ill., strip-tiller Brian Corkill shares the ups and downs of his cover cropping journey. 

Listen in as Corkill leads a classroom session at the 2023 National Strip-Till Conference on how to manage unique interactions between different cover crop species and strip-tilled cash crops, and the key to seeding cover crops quickly at a low cost. 

He covers the critical variables to consider when implementing cover crops with strip-till, including timing, placement and termination. Corkill also shares several details about his strip-till system, including nutrient management strategies and more!  



Yetter Farm Equipment

The Strip-Till Farmer podcast is brought to you by Yetter Farm Equipment.

Yetter Farm Equipment has been providing farmers with solutions since 1930. Today, Yetter is your answer for finding the tools and equipment you need to face today’s production agriculture demands. The Yetter lineup includes a wide range of planter attachments for different planting conditions, several equipment options for fertilizer placement, and products that meet harvest-time challenges. Yetter delivers a return on investment and equipment that meets your needs and maximizes inputs. Visit them at

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