Strip-Till Farmer editors encounter a variety of articles, social media posts, podcasts and videos that offer a unique look at the grower's world from the lofty digital realm. Here is our favorite content from the past week from across the web:

Strip-Tillers Talk Equipment & Tech at Commodity Classic

Upper Sandusky, Ohio, strip-tiller Brad Weaver and Evansville, Ind., strip-tiller Ben Kron sit down with Farm Journal for a conversation about their equipment and technology usage in 2024. “A lot of it at the end of the day is making sure the dollars going out are going to match the dollars coming in, but there is a lot of technology that can help,” Kron said. “There’s a lot of stuff here to help us be more efficient, and there’s even computer programs to help us spend our dollars more wisely and make sure we’re really keeping track of what we’re doing.”


Photos by: Matthew J. Grassi/Lori Hays

How to get the most Return on Your Fertilizer Investment in 2024

Nutrient management specialists Dan Kaiser and Jeff Vetsch address a bevy of nutrient management questions in’s Strategic Farming session. They offer advice on early spring fertilizer applications, variable rate technologies, preplant nitrate and pre-sidedress nitrate soil tests, ESN and other nitrogen (N) sources and more.


Strip-Till Provides 4.1-Bushel Advantage in New Study

A new Grain Farmers of Ontario research study found that yields of spring strip-till with P and K applications were significantly higher than where P and K were broadcast and incorporated with full-width tillage. “It’s clear that on low-fertility soils that can be successfully strip-tilled in the spring (that is, you have well-drained medium-to-lighter soil textures), spring strip-till with fertility provides a yield advantage over broadcast incorporated fertilizer,” says Ben Rosser, corn specialist at the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs. Read more about the study in this article from Ontario Grain Farmer.


New Nitrogen Management Tool Helps Determine Fertilizer Needs

Check out this interview with Laura Thompson on RFD-TV. The Nebraska Extension educator and co-coordinator of the Nebraska On-Farm Research Network shares insights on a new Nitrogen calculator tool aimed at helping growers determine the fertilizer needs for their operation.


Digging Deeper into Strip-Till Soils with Veteran Agronomist

Rock Creek, Minn., strip-tiller and 2023 National Strip-Tillage Conference speaker Jon Stevens checks in from Maple Grove Farms with another highly informative conversation. Stevens goes 1-on-1 with independent agronomist Joe Ailts for a conversation about a variety of topics related to strip-till, including how to assess soil biology, fertilizer placement and more!

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