Advancing Eco Agriculture (AEA), a company empowering growers to implement scalable regenerative agriculture solutions that create extraordinary results, March 13 announced its new product, SeedFlare, a new National Organic Program (NOP)-compliant product to speed germination and plant health. The company also introduced four additional products that work to optimize crop nutrition.

The four additional AEA products include: CalGuard, a liquid calcium; SeaGuard, a concentrated fish hydrolysate with micronized crab and shrimp shell; MacroPak, a liquid macronutrient; and HoloCal, a calcium suspension product. They are part of AEA’s growing line of products designed to meet farmers wherever they are in their regenerative farming process.

All products will be available for purchase beginning May 15.

"Growers of all sizes are facing extreme farming challenges that can make increased yields and profits feel out of reach," said AEA's Founder and Chief Vision Officer John Kempf. "Yet through regenerative agriculture practices, we can grow crops that are more resilient to environmental stressors. Growers of all sizes, no matter where they are along their regenerative paths, can increase yields and plant performance when plant nutrition is approached differently.

"With help from AEA, growers can develop regenerative agriculture ecosystems in which soil health is quickly regenerated, crop yields and quality constantly improve, pest pressure becomes less of a challenge, and crops are much more resilient to climate extremes."

SeedFlare is a NOP-compliant liquid mineral seed coat to be used prior to planting. AEA formulated this product to spark chlorophyll production, helping plants germinate rapidly and begin photosynthesizing sooner with increased health and disease resistance. It is particularly effective for those crops that experience immediate disease pressure.

CalGuard is revolutionary, true liquid calcium that is designed to optimize calcium levels in the soil and enhance fruit quality and shelf life by providing calcium in a form that is rapidly translocated into the fruit. (5% calcium derived from calcium acetate, 0.3% boron) Visit here for more details.

SeaGuard is a concentrated fish hydrolysate with micronized crab and shrimp shell. It is specifically formulated for non-NOP growers to still harness the power of regenerative agriculture principles.

MacroPack is an easy-to-use, NOP-compliant, true liquid macronutrient product that represents a significant advancement in nutrient delivery and efficacy. It delivers enhanced nutrient uptake and balanced nutrition for robust growth and yields.

HoloCal is an NOP-compliant calcium suspension product that AEA has reformulated for increased stability and usability. This product can be used in transplant solutions, irrigation systems, or as a foliar (7% calcium; no boron).

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