Planting season is officially underway for some strip-tillers as 12% of corn and 8% of soybeans are planted nationwide according to the latest (April 19) USDA Crop Progress Report. We came across some beautiful "views from the office" from strip-tillers on X, formerly known as Twitter, as #Plant24 (as the kids say) heats up. Here are some highlights.

2024 Strip-Till Innovator Chris Perkins and the Banded Ag team are having a busy week in Otwell, Ind., after a difficult start to April. 

Brian Van De Stroet and Sam McCord compare soil temperatures in strips and outside strips in the Cornhusker State.

Meanwhile, the soil temperature hovered around 50 degrees for Andrew Marshall in Kansas Monday.

The Crop Quest team checks in from Weatherford, Okla., where they're ready to plant corn.

Jason Kehler is also making strips for corn with his John Deere 24-row strip-till machine, equipped with shanks every 30 inches.

Strip-tilled corn is in the ground at the University of Maryland Eastern Shore Extension's research farm.

Lynx president Lance Glendenning shares this video of a 16-row strip-till unit running through heavy corn residue at 7.5 mph while banding fertilizer 7 inches deep.

Eastern Iowa strip-tiller Chris Bowman wasn't feeling the pressure to plant early. On April 15, he was busy applying fertilizer with his strip-till rig.

And the award for "View of the Day" goes to Russ Olson as the sun sets on another day of strip building.

Wade Yingling shows off one of his corn-on-corn fields in west central Illinois.

Also in Illinois, AJ Adkins, owner of NTM Ag Equipment, demos a Dawn Equipment unit in rolled down cereal rye.

That's all for now. What does it look like in your neck of the woods? Shoot me an email at Good luck in the field this week!

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