Luverne, Minn., strip-tiller Shawn Feikema checks in with a preview of his 2024 National Strip-Tillage Conference presentation. Head to to register!

Each winter, Feikema asks himself 2 questions — how can he do more with less and how can he leave the farm in better shape than it was when he got it? The 3rd-generation farmer found an answer in 2016 with the switch from conventional tillage to strip-till and cover crops. Now his family strip-tills or no-tills 100% of its 7,000-acre corn, soybean, small grain and hay farm. It also operates a large cattle feedlot that markets about 6,000 head of cattle per year.

Feikema shares the story of his family’s strip-till journey, including its approach to growing small grains like hybrid rye as a cash crop and cover crop. He also details how they’re incorporating manure applications instead of commercial fertilizer and the resources needed to store and haul manure in his classroom session, "Reviving the Soil with Strip-Till, Cover Crops & Livestock."

You’ll Learn: How to boost corn yields by up to 30 bushels per acre by adding a third cash crop to the rotation, strategies for maximizing cover crop benefits and advice for navigating strict manure application regulations.