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On this episode of the Strip-Till Farmer podcast, brought to you by DigiFarm, we visit with 2024 Strip-Till Innovator Award recipient Chris Perkins at his Banded Ag facilities in Otwell, Ind.

Perkins shares his formula for growing a 300-bushel corn crop as he talks shop with fellow strip-tiller and Montag territory manager Harold Crawford. Perkins discusses the value of residue and fungicides in a strip-till system and explains how and why he’s combining dry and liquid fertilizer on his LandLuvr strip-till rig.

Plus, Perkins and Crawford talk about the potential advantages of strip-tilled soybeans, fall vs. spring strip-till, biologicals and more! 

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Yetter Farm Equipment

The Strip-Till Farmer podcast is brought to you by DigiFarm.

DigiFarm VBN is an RTK corrections provider utilizing our privately owned network across much of the US. We work with all brands of GPS receivers and have numerous ways in how we can deliver our RTK corrections. DigiFarm has our in house designed modem elevate and our popular Bluetooth device called the Beacon used in conjunction with our DigiFarm VBN app. We also can use other OEM installed modem devices along with displays that have NTRIP capabilities. 

DigiFarm VBN provides industry leading technologies, support, and resources to the dealer as well as end user. DigiFarm VBN uses its own base stations to create a virtual base giving the end user greater accuracy and reliability at industry leading pricing. 

DigiFarm VBN is used in the AG industry by growers, producers, ag retailers, agronomist, and provides dealership opportunities to precision ag dealers. DigiFarm continues to grow not only by our ever-expanding network but also by growth in autonomy , robotic and drone technologies as they become more common place in our industry.

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