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Raven Industries, Inc. introduces the industry’s first, patent pending, multi-hybrid planter control solution. This new multi-hybrid system is an enhancement to Raven’s OmniRow advanced planter control solution, and when combined with variable rate seeding, it will help increase yield potential and profitability. 

Raven Introduces New OmniRow Multi-Hybrid Planting Technology



Raven unveiled the technology at its 11th annual Innovation Summit, held in Sioux Falls, S.D., on June 4-5. The company developed the system in conjunction with South Dakota State University and the technology allows growers to automatically switch between different hybrids on the go, based on a variable-rate prescription planting map.

“Variability across a field can vary greatly, in terms of fertility, in terms of multiple conditions and rarely is a one-hybrid solution the ultimate answer,” says Matt Burkhart, vice president of Raven’s Applied Technology division. “Now, farmers have a choice to switch on the fly between different hybrids across the field.”

Features of the new system include optimization for interplant and twin-row planter configurations, automatic shifting of tractor or implement guidance line to keep rows in line and integrated liquid and granular product control for each hybrid.