Beginning this month, you’ll be greeted by a new face when opening your Strip-Till Strategies e-newsletter.

Jack Zemlicka, who serves as technology editor for Conservation Tillage Guide and Farm Equipment magazines and the Precision Farming Dealer e-newsletter, will also be taking over as editor of Strip-Till Strategies.

Jack has embraced and grown the precision-farming beat and he’ll be looking to take advantage of the synergies between precision technology and the practice of strip-till. Jack will also identify and develop articles, videos and other useful information for the Web site that was launched last year.

Dan Zinkand, our correspondent from Oregon who’s been bringing you regular features on strip-tillers and their operations for more than 2 years, is moving on to other opportunities. We’d like to sincerely thank Dan for all his contributions to Strip-Till Strategies and wish him the very best.

As subscribers to Strip-Till Strategies, we always value your input on this e-newsletter. If you have any suggestions on how we can make it better, or thoughts on what you’d like to read more about, please contact Jack at (262) 782-4480, x 441, or e-mail him at