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Think Twice Before Applying Insecticides To Bt Corn Varieties

For folks growing continuous corn, western corn rootworm is a serious pest that needs regular attention. Most growers in Pennsylvania seem to be aware of the ongoing struggle in the Midwest with populations of western corn rootworm that are resistant to some varieties of Bt corn.
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Yield Loss On The Edge Of Corn Fields

We have been receiving reports since corn harvest began this fall about an unusual phenomenon: yields of the outside 8 to 24 rows on the south or west edges of corn fields show lower or much lower yields than corn farther into the field. The damage tends to be relatively uniform down or across the field, and is on field edges that border a soybean field, road, ditch, or another short-growing crop (such as forage legumes or grasses) other than corn.
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Seed Treatments For 2014 Soybean

If we could predict or know that the planting season during 2014 would be like it was in 2012 (the dry spring), then we would say don't treat your seed at all. But if the season is like this past year, wet, the combinations of seed treatments did a much better job and at the higher rates. There have been lots of questions over the past few days on what fungicides to apply; what rates to use; and are insecticides always necessary. Here we try to parse it all out for you.
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