Winning Strategies For No-Tilling Small Grains

Winning Strategies For No-Tilling Small Grains


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With corn and soybean prices coming back to Earth from historical hights — and herbicide resistance still a major concern — many no-tillers will be forced to take a harder look at their rotations.

In this 40-page profit-boosting report, you'll discover the many benefits, numerous  tips and best practices for no-tilling small grains. Here's a peak at some of the topics covered inside...

  • Fight Weeds In Small Grains With Scouting, Rotation, Timely Spraying
  • Use A Multi-Tiered Approach To Defeat Diseases And Pests
  • Black Oats Offer New Option For No-Till Biomass And Forage
  • Manage No-Till Small Grains Residue From The Combine
  • And Much More!

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