Everything You Need to Know About Micronutrients

Everything You Need to Know About Micronutrients


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Skimping on micronutrients isn't a good idea if your goal is to maximize yields in this leaner farm economy. Though micros are often only needed in smaller amounts, experts emphasize they play essential roles in plant development and function.

Top no-tillers with record yields say the secret to their success is regular soil testing and making sure plants have the proper level of nutrients when they’re needed.

Now you can discover these secrets to greater success with this best-selling report from the editors of No-Till Farmer! Inside this 24-page report you'll find...

  • An in-depth, detailed  breakdown of seven important micronutrients critical to profitable, high-yielding crop production
  • Application methods and timings
  • Insights on how no-till impacts the availability of micros to crops
  • The pros and cons of soil and tissue testing methodologies for benchmarking micronutrient levels in no-till fields
  • And so much more!

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